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That’s Life

December 17, 2012
That's Life.

That’s Life.

That’s Life

by Bill McCurdy


We come into this world alone – and someday leave the same,

Joy and sorrow to the bone – yield miles of smiles and blame.

Some plans we have come true for us – while others bend in time,

Bowing to reality’s sword – when wisdom cuts sublime.


What happened to the rainbows – of our youthful destiny?

Who rearranged the future – that we cherished hopefully?

Where did we start to question thoughts – that once danced sacredly?

When did we first see – clear and straight – those answers rest with me?


Money, Power, Fame, and Comfort – The Directors of Ambition,

All lead us on a weary path – as Gods of no Contrition.

They leave out Love and worse – its source – demanding all we are,

And when they’re finally done with us – we haven’t traveled far.


Until we see that God Is Love – and Love is all we need,

And giving through our passion fills – our soulful path from seed,

We cannot know the mindfulness – of who we really are.

We sputter in the moonlight – waiting for a shooting star.


And if that star arrives for us – in low or burning light,

We finally see the waywardness – of personal lost flight,

And if we give it up – to the life of giving all,

Our life will fill with “God Is Love,” – and God and Love are all.


That’s Life.