That’s Life

That's Life.

That’s Life.

That’s Life

by Bill McCurdy


We come into this world alone – and someday leave the same,

Joy and sorrow to the bone – yield miles of smiles and blame.

Some plans we have come true for us – while others bend in time,

Bowing to reality’s sword – when wisdom cuts sublime.


What happened to the rainbows – of our youthful destiny?

Who rearranged the future – that we cherished hopefully?

Where did we start to question thoughts – that once danced sacredly?

When did we first see – clear and straight – those answers rest with me?


Money, Power, Fame, and Comfort – The Directors of Ambition,

All lead us on a weary path – as Gods of no Contrition.

They leave out Love and worse – its source – demanding all we are,

And when they’re finally done with us – we haven’t traveled far.


Until we see that God Is Love – and Love is all we need,

And giving through our passion fills – our soulful path from seed,

We cannot know the mindfulness – of who we really are.

We sputter in the moonlight – waiting for a shooting star.


And if that star arrives for us – in low or burning light,

We finally see the waywardness – of personal lost flight,

And if we give it up – to the life of giving all,

Our life will fill with “God Is Love,” – and God and Love are all.


That’s Life.







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One Response to “That’s Life”

  1. neal brown Says:

    When I was 5 years old, and MOther Dodd was my Sunday School teacher,. she told me this: She said, “God is love and that is all you need to know!! ” She was in her late 80’s with much wisdom. I am sure that she was right now that I am in my 70’s. Love is certainly something you can’t buy, You can only get it if you give it. Love to God and your loved ones, your fellow man. Each of us born with gifts, use them or lose them. Loving others, helping others, what we are here on earth to do!!

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