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Relativity Patterns in MLB Game Attendance

March 1, 2018

9:00 AM, Friday the 13th
April 1962
“I am by heritage a Jew, by citizenship a Swiss, and by makeup a human being, and only a human being, without any special attachment to any state or national entity whatsoever. That being said, ‘Go Colts! – Win the rest of your games!’ “
~ Albert Einstein

Relativity Patterns in MLB Game Attendance: A Singular Example

A brand new Colts fan named Bea Bright
Who traveled much faster than light.
She saw a game one day,
In a relative way,
And came back the previous night.
—Anonymous 2*

A Self-Explanatory Table:

Bea Bright’s Long Ago Timeline

On Attendance at Her 1st Two Games

Cal. Date Trip # Foe Results
04/11/62 # 2 Cubs Colts W, 2-0
04/12/62 # 1 Cubs Colts W, 2-0

* An excerpt developed by Anonymous 1 in this Einsteinian theoretical form;

Anonymous 1, whoever that may be, deserves all the credit for our application:

There was a young lady named Bright
Who traveled much faster than light.
She set out one day,
In a relative way,
And came back the previous night.
—Anonymous 1

Availability: The entire book, Relativity Patterns in MLB Game Attendance, will be available through Amazon Prime, but only when that wonderful service can guarantee delivery 24 hours prior to the date of each relative purchase order.

Goodnight, All! Have a great week, everybody, no matter what day, before or after the fact, you say goodnight to when you  turnout the bedside light.




Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

The Pecan Park Eagle Baseball Movie All Stars

February 5, 2018

Back: Honus Wagner, Pete Alexander, Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, George Sisler, Walter Johnson.
Front: Eddie Collins, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, Cy Young.
Missing: Ty Cobb.

We’ve done “starting nines” more times than I care to remember, but today’s offering is our first shot at presenting a full 25-player full roster, including manager and coaches. With a couple of serious exceptions, we’ve tried to stay away from actor/player types whose roles were either blunted by an obvious lack of athletic talent – or an abundance of obvious supernatural help. Neither of the pitchers portrayed by actors Ray Milland or Ronald Reagan were made more convincing by the skills of either man, but their movie plot-line support and general acting skills were enough to get them through the day. Based upon his performance from the 7th inning forward in Game Seven of the 1926 World Series as future HOF pitcher Grover Alexander, Ronald Reagan was able to easily secure an all-star spot as a late reliever for our Eagle All Stars. Pitcher Ray Milland’s “King Kelly” also was an easy pick for our No. 1 ace starter – with the help of that wood-repellent substance that he has been allowed to use in any game he pitches. Milland is so good with the help of his “stuff”, in fact, that we might be able simply pitch him any time he shows up with that wet sponge filling out the leather-cut circle in his left gloved hand.

We are also quite pleased with our prospects for some fun travel on the road with this team in 2018, given the characters who are making the trip. Look over the roster and let us know what you think too. We do not break away for spring training until February 15th and there’s still time to send some extra free agents as non-roster competitors for a more interesting final settlement of our 25-man Opening Day roster, and all  ready to spark and star-bangle shine against all the other very best clubs.

So, hmm, …. let us hear from you.

Here’s what we’ve got for now:

The Pecan Park Eagle Baseball Movie All Stars

01 Kevin Costner Catcher 1 Crash Davis Bull Durham 1988
02 Paul Douglas Catcher 2 Monk Lanigan It Happens Every Spring 1949
03 Robert De Niro Catcher 3 Bruce Pearson Bang The Drum Slowly 1973
04 Ray Milland SP1 King Kelly It Happens Every Spring 1949
05 Bill D Williams SP2 Bingo Long Bingo Long, et al 1976
06 Joe E. Brown SP3 Elmer Brown Elmer The Great 1933
07 Jace Alexander SP4 Dickie Kerr Eight Men Out 1988
08 Dennis Quaid SP5 Jimmy Morris The Rookie 2002
09 Bruce Bennett Long R Saul Hellman Angels in the Outfield 1951
10 Gene Bearden Long R Gene Bearden The Winning Team 1949
11 Tim Robbins Late R Nick LaLoosh Bull Durham 1988
12 Mike Moriarty Late R Henry Wiggen Bang The Drum Slowly 1973
13 Ronald Reagan Set Up R G.C. Alexander The Winning Team 1952
14 Charlie Sheen Closer Ricky Vaughn Major League 1989
15 James E. Jones 1B/C Leon Carter Bingo Long, et al 1976
16 Bill Irwin 2B Eddie Collins Eight Men Out 1988
17 John Cusack 3B/OF Buck Weaver Eight Men Out 1988
18 Louis Keystone SS Sam Brison Bingo Long, et al 1976
19 Corbin Bernsen IF/OF Roger Dorn Major League 1989
20 Tom Berenger IF/OF/C Jake Taylor Major League 1989
21 Richard Pryor LF Charlie Snow Bingo Long, et al 1976
22 Wesley Snipes CF Willie M. Hays Major League 1989
23 Robert Redford RF Roy Hobbs The Natural 1984
24 D.B. Sweeney OF Joe Jackson Eight Men Out 1988
25 Burt Lancaster PR/MD Doc Graham Field of Dreams 1989
Danny Glover Manager George Knox Angels in the Outfield 1994
Wilf’d Brimley Bench C Pop Fisher The Natural 1984
Frank Morgan Pitch C Barney Wile The Stratton Story 1949
Frank Lovejoy 1B/Hit C Rog Hornsby The Winning Team 1952
Ted de Corsia 3B/Basics Jimmy Dolan It Happens Every Spring 1949



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

The Ballad of The Minnesota Miracle

January 23, 2018

Case Keenum
Never Give Up on This Guy!



The Ballad of The Minnesota Miracle

By Bill McCurdy


The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Vikings team that day;

the score found them down by two, with ten seconds left to play;

and then Case Keenum took the ball, and heaved it down the field;

and Stefon Diggs ran after it, as sanity surrealled.


Struggling fans were done and gone, departed in despair;

the rest clung hard to a last slim hope – for joy to fill the air;

as Diggs veered toward the right sideline, two Saints upon his tail,

the ball came down from heaven – by Case Keenum Special Mail.


What started at the Vikes’ 39 – was caught at the Saints’ 33;

No Saints made the tackle, and Diggs just waltzed home free.

The game was won by the miracle spun, and the joy went on for a week;

Then a Green Grinch next in Philly – slapped the brief joy flat-out silly,

And now we’re flashed back fast to why – losing’s the reason fans do cry.


Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;

the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,

and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;

but there is no joy in Minneville — mighty Case K has struck out.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

Fifty Years Ago Today: UH 71-UCLA 69

January 21, 2018

Elvin “The Big E” Hayes and UH Alum Bill McCurdy
At a social function in 2008.
Both were in the Astrodome 50 years ago tonight as participants in the UH 71-69 basketball win over UCLA. The Big E was there as the star of the game. Bill was there as only one of the 52,693 fans that helped put College Basketball on the big league sports map.


Big E, Cougars Whip UCLA

52,693 See UH Prevail, 71-69

By Bob Green

Associated Press Sports Writer

(As reported in the Brownwood (TX) Bulletin, Page 8a, Sunday, Jan. 21,1968)

Houston (AP) – Houston’s inspired Cougars, led by All-American Elvin Hayes, stunned UCLA Saturday night 71-69 and ended forever the Bruins’ myth of invincibility in college basketball.

A howling happy crowd of 52,693 in the Astrodome – an all-time record – saw Hayes, Houston’s Big E, toss in 39 points and help put the defensive clamp on UCLA’s Lew Alcindor.

Appropriately enough, it was Hayes’ two free throws with 28 seconds left that broke a 69-69 tie and snapped UCLA’s 47-game winning streak, second longest of all time.

The Cougars, ranked No. 2 in the nation going into their climactic showdown with the top-ranked Bruins, turned UCLA’s own weapons on them – a super performance by a super-star and a tenacious defense.

Houston, sparked by Hayes’ 29 first half points, established a 46-43 margin at intermission and spent the second half fighting off challenge after challenge by the cold-shooting Bruins.

When it was over, the delirious Houston fans and cheerleaders stormed onto the court, hoisted their heroes to their shoulders and began a rhythmic chant,”We’re No. 1. We’re No.1.”

If they are, they can thank their poise, which never broke in the face of the famous UCLA press defense.

Houston established a 13-12 lead with 13:45 to in the first half on a basket by George Reynolds. The Cougars didn’t trail again, although (they were) tied three times.

The last came when Lucious Allen, high scorer for the Bruins with 25 points, dropped in two free throws with 44 seconds to go. The Cougars brough the ball down court and when Hayes was fouled by Jim Nielson they went ahead for good.

UCLA had one more chance, but blew it on an uncharacteristic mix up in signals in which the Bruins Mike Warren tipped the ball out of bounds. Houston took over with 12 seconds left and ran out the clock.

“Isn’t that Hayes great?” exulted Houston Coach Guy Lewis. “Almost every game he plays is great.”

“Houston played a tremendous game,” said John Wooden, coach of UCLA. “Well just have to start over again.”



Thank you, Bob Green, for that beautiful job of sports writing coverage of an Astrodome event that was destined to grow in importance to the histories of both Houston Sports and College Basketball in general. Fifty years after the fact, your work speaks as eloquently today to younger people as it did in 1968 to those of us who were there then – younger people.

We are Houston. And we are strong for our history too. And to those writers, like you, who have reported our history honestly and well, we are both indebted and grateful.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

Bill Gilbert: Triple Milestones – 2017

December 23, 2017

Triple Milestones – 2017

By Bill Gilbert

       Offensive production in the major leagues increased again in 2017 due to another spike in the home run rate. Other offensive measures were also at the highest level in several years.


1990 8.51 1.58 .258 .324 .386 .710 2
1991 8.62 1.61 .255 .323 .384 .707 3
1992 8.23 1.44 .256 .322 .377 .699 2
1993 9.20 1.78 .266 .332 .404 .736 5
1994 9.85 2.07 .270 .339 .424 .763 3
1995 9.69 2.02 .267 .338 .417 .755 8
1996 10.07 2.19 2.70 .340 .427 .767 21
1997 9.53 2.05 .267 .337 .419 .756 7
1998 9.58 2.08 .266 .335 .420 .755 14
1999 10.17 2.28 .271 .345 .434 .779 19
2000 10.28 2.34 .271 .345 .437 .782 26
2001 9.55 2.25 .264 .332 .427 .759 21
2002 9.24 2.09 .261 .331 .417 .748 12
2003 9.46 2.14 .264 .332 .422 .754 8
2004 9.63 2.25 .266 .335 .428 .763 12
2005 9.18 2.06 .265 .330 .419 .749 10
2006 9.72 2.22 .269 .336 .432 .768 13
2007 9.59 2.04 .268 .336 .423 .759 8
2008 9.30 2.01 .264 .333 .417 .750 7
2009 9.23 2.02 .262 .333 .418 .751 6
2010 8.77 1.90 .257 .325 .403 .728 6
2011 8.57 1.87 .255 .321 .399 .720 7
2012 8.64 2.03 .255 .319 .405 .724 4
2013 8.33 1.92 .253 .318 .396 .714 3
2014 8.13 1.73 .251 .314 .386 .700 2
2015 8.50 2.02 .254 .317 .405 .721 1
2016 8.96 2.23 .255 .322 .417 .739 4
2017 9.30 2.51 .255 .314 .426 .750 7

TMH* = Triple Milestones Hitters

Despite the increase in home runs, only five players hit 40 or more compared to eight in 2016 and nine in 2015. The big increase in the last two years has come in players that hit 30 or more home runs. This level was reached by 33 players in 2017, 38 in 2016 but only 11 in 2015.

      A useful indicator for tracking offense is the number of players who hit for both power and average by achieving the old-school milestones of a .300 batting average, 30 home runs and 100 runs batted in. A record 26 players reached all three Triple Crown category milestones in 2000, but that figure has dropped significantly in recent years. Only one player achieved all three in 2015. This figure increased to 4 in 2016 and 7 in 2017, the highest number since 2011, reflecting the increase in offense. Of the 33 players with 30+ home runs, only eight batted over .300. Maintaining a .300 batting average is the most difficult of the three milestones to reach.

            The only player that made the .300-30-100 club in 2015, Paul Goldschmidt of Arizona, fell short in 2016 and 2017. The four players who made it in 2016, all in the American League, failed to repeat in 2017.

PLAYER TIMES 2016 2017
MIGUEL CABRERA 8 .316-38-108 .248-16-60
DAVID ORTIZ 5 .315-38-127 Retired
ADRIAN BELTRE 3 .300-32-104 .312-17-71
MOOKIE BETTS 1 .318-31-113 .264-24-102
JOEY VOTTO 2   .320-36-100
JOSE ABREU 2   .304-33-102
CHARLIE BLACKMON 1   .331-37-104
MARCELL OZUNA 1   .312-37-124
NOLAN ARENADO 1   .309-37-130
JD MARTINEZ 1   .303-45-104
RYAN ZIMMERMAN 1   .303-36-108



 CABRERA: “Worst year by far”

ORTIZ: “Went out on top in 2016”

BELTRE: “Slowed by injuries”

BETTS: “Failed to reach 2016 heights”


VOTTO: “Barely made it”

ABREU: “ Made it in 2004 rookie year”

BLACKMON: “Breakout year”

OZUNA: “Emerging star”

ARENADO: “first year hitting .300”

MARTINEZ: “Released by Astros in 2014”

ZIMMERMAN: “Big comeback year”



PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT 2 .297-36-120 “Late slump hurt BA”
JONATHAN SCHOOP 0 .293-32-105 “Orioles’ best in 2017

An Homage to Judy Dierker and Love

December 20, 2017

JULIA “JUDY” DIERKER passed away last Friday, December 15, 2017, after a lengthy illness. Her obituary is available on the page connected to this link:

Our hearts go out to the heart of Larry Dierker and the hearts of all family members and close friends for what we know from our personal experience with the death of a truly loved one. It is the pain of all pains. One beyond estimation.

What we don’t know at first, but which always follows over time, is that true love never leaves. It stays. And it continues to give in ways we may never know it would – and it will do so – through the completion of our own human time on this earth.

Some of us believe that’s true because “God is Love,” and so, wherever God goes, Love goes too. And, like God, because Love is God, Love never leaves – wherever it goes. It stays. And it is far more powerful than any sense of loss or hurt that lands – also in our hearts.

In the end, only love prevails.

God Bless You All, Larry Dierker, Family, and Friends – because you already are so blessed to have had Judy in your lives for all this time.

People like Judy Dierker are in our lives to teach us life’s most beautiful and powerful lesson: If we want more love, we have to become willing to pass true love on to others by giving it away – in ways large and small.

From the little we family outsiders here could know, it appears likely that Judy Dierker had to have been one of the people who already understood that “if you want to keep the full glow of love burning brightest, you have to be willing to continue giving it away to the world.”

Judy may now be gone in physical form, but the gifts of love that passed through her to others in her lifetime shall live on as the active unstoppable energy of her caring – and as much like a force of nature that flows forever in our wildest imaginings – as constantly and as steadily – as the Great Falls of Niagara or the ever-roaring roll of the Mighty Mississippi, on its long southern journey to the sea.

Judy’s energies will stay in motion forever, even in her absence. The good she did shall also keep hurdling over cliffs and rolling a thousand miles to the ocean of love’s home of effort. It is unstoppable.

Rest in Peace, Judy Dierker. And may God continue to bless all our lives with the Love that is the essence that rests in the heartbeat of every breath we draw into our bodies – separately and together – in the good company of the love that steers us to embrace love for what it truly is.

God Rest Ye, Merry Gentle Men and Women! ~ Let Nothing You Dismay!

~ The Pecan Park Eagle



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


Will Altuve Catch Rose Someday?

November 22, 2017

“See the ball. ~ Hit the ball.”


Jose Altuve’s All Time Hit Total Chart By Season

2011 21 234 221 61 .276
2012 22 630 576 167 .290
2013 23 672 626 177 .283
2014 24 707 660 225 .341
2015 25 689 638 200 .313
2016 26 717 640 216 .338
2017 27 662 590 204 .346
7 YEARS   4311 3951 1250 .316
162 G AVE   711 652 206 .316









So be it. Now, if Jose Altuve continues playing at his same rate, does not retire or find himself forced by injury or some other fate of life into either a less productive hitting pace or an early forced exit or long time away from baseball, his chances for reaching 3,000 hits, 4,000 hits, or even surpassing the 4,256 all time hits total of Pete Rose in the following way by time, season, and age prediction.

We stress again. This is only a simple mathematical projection. It is much easier to predict than life itself ever is to confirm and guarantee delivery in advance. Or perhaps we’ve all noticed that reality in our own less famous life planning tracks.

The three numbers we are working with here are: (1) The fact that Altuve already has compiled 1,250 total hits through his first 7 seasons (2011-2017); (2) When we adjust all of Altuve’s stats to how they average over the number of 162-game seasons found within his total hit bag, we find that he is averaging 206 hits per season, through 2017; and (3) at age 27, Altuve’s projected age at the time of these other possible milestones is doable at the rate of 206 hits per full seasons yet played.

To reach 3,000 hits….

3,000 hits goal – 1,250 hits in bag = 1,750 more hits needed

1,750 hits needed divided by the 206 hit full season average = 8.495 more seasons needed.

Jose Altuve will reach 3,000 hits at mid-season in 2026 at age 36.


To reach 4,000 hits….

4,000 hits goal – 1,250 hits in bag = 2,750 more hits needed

2,750 hits needed divided by the 206 hit full season average = 13.350 more seasons needed.

Jose Altuve will reach 4,000 hits in the first third of the 2031 season at age 41.


To reach 4,257 hits, surpassing Pete Rose ….

4,257 hits goal – 1,250 hits in bag = 3,007 more hits needed

3,007 hits needed divided by the 206 hit full season average = 14.60 more seasons needed.

Jose Altuve will reach 4,257 hits after the All Star break in the 2032 season at age 42.


The Voice of Reasonable Bias

Even the great little one’s legs may not be up to playing as often and productively at age 42 as he would need to play to pass Rose, but, what the heck, Rose did it. Who knows? It’s just fun to play with big ideas, especially when it involves a great human being and championship level baseball player like our wonderful Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros. Jose is on his way to the Hall of Fame regardless of whether or not he reaches any of these statistical goals. Although, barring anything unforeseen, it’s hard to see him missing the 3,000 hit total, plus however many other batting titles, World Series rings, and other awards there are out there to be collected annually.

Of course, if Altuve does eventually catch Pete Rose on the hit total board, it will certainly take some pressure off the Hall of Fame. No longer will they have to continually have to answer the question: “How come the all time hit leader is not a member of the Hall of Fame?”



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


Game Six Malaise Paralyzes Astros

November 1, 2017

2017 is the 38th time that the World Series will be decided in 7 games. The first one happened in 1909, when Pittsburg of the NL defeated Detroit of the AL.


The Overview

It happened as we feared it might.

Justin Verlander pitched a game that was more than good enough for the win, but the Astros offense came out flat and stayed that way. As a result, the Dodgers were able to combine some pretty fair pitching of their own, early patience with the 1-0 deficit, good defense, the support of the home town crowd, their 2-inning stopper on Houston’s serious attempts to pad the lead, and the NL rule that forces pitchers to “bat” until it all complexly parlayed into another 6th inning flow of LA scoring momentum that would gain them just enough lead and confidence to take the game and the day – and also leave them looking forward to Game 7 with a few braggadocio shouts of a guaranteed World Series victory for LA in Game 7.

Now the Astros face the daunting task of taking on a giant Dodger Blue ball of momentum that shall be rolling down upon them tonight behind the rediscovered full cadre of pitches that Yu Darvish has to offer the plight of winning, as Clayton Kershaw stands behind him, hoping with all the power of compulsivity to get in there and experience one strong shot at redemption from his Houston meltdown in Game 5.

The Scoring in Game 6

Top of 3rd, HOU:

Hill pitching for Los Angeles
Reddick popped out to center fielder Taylor.
Verlander struck out.
Springer homered to right on a 1-0 count.
Bregman grounded out, shortstop Seager to first baseman Bellinger.
1 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors

Bottom of 6th, LA: 

Verlander pitching for Houston
Barnes singled to left.
Utley was hit by a pitch, Barnes to second.
Taylor doubled to right, Barnes scored, Utley to third.
Seager hit a sacrifice fly to right fielder Reddick, Utley scored, Taylor to third.
Turner fouled out to first baseman Gurriel.
Bellinger struck out.
2 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors

Bottom of 7th, LA:

Musgrove pitching for Houston
Musgrove pitching.
Puig popped out to shortstop Correa.
Pederson homered to left on a 1-2 count.
Ethier pinch-hitting for Maeda.
Ethier popped out to left fielder Ma.González.
Barnes struck out.
1 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors

Final Score: Los Angeles Dodgers 3 – Houston Astros 1.

The Game Five Hangover Malaise

In the ebb and flow of mass crowd human emotion, the biggest fear sometimes is the malaise that entraps the celebrants on the heels of victory. That descending (calming down) malaise is what causes the lack of fire in a team’s performance within 48 hours. Well, guess what, folks. It happened to the Houston Astros last night. Hope someone over there on the Houston side recognizes the fact and takes the time to remind the ‘Stros who they really are.

Now we have to hope that we see early signs tonight from our offense that we’ve let go of the lull and are now ready to finish the job that didn’t get done last night.

Go Astros in Game 7! ~You can do it! ~ Get off the deck and knock LA into the next block for good! ~ You still have that punch within you,  just waiting for delivery!


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

Now It’s Time To Go All The Way

October 2, 2017

12 Years Ago, the Astros Won Their 1st Pennant!
Now It’s Time to Do It Again!



Jose Altuve’s 3rd league batting championship in four years now hangs nicely around the .346 digits that support it. The guy who did is the walking, hustling, all-out running heartbeat of everything this Astros club has come to be. We just hope the league MVP voters see that fact as clearly as those of us who do who watch every Astros game we possibly can. There isn’t another like him – and we don’t think that even Aaron Judge and his 55 homers mean as much to the Yankees as Altuve does do both the Houston Astros and the game of baseball itself. Altuve is just the right size to stand tall as the role model for “you can be all you want to be” – regardless of size in baseball – if you’ve got the talent, the fire, the passion, and the discipline it takes to keep learning from your mistakes – and adjusting to the adjustments that your opponents make to you.

Yuli Gurriel is also a great candidate – even as a thirty-something guy – for Rookie of the Year. He fell a hit short of reaching the .300 mark, but, even at .299, his hitting credentials were pretty darn good. It seems like almost all of his 43 doubles, 1 triple, and 18 homers came at strategic times that tilted the game the Astros’ way. He also did a nice job of adapting to 1st place and was doing those one or two bounce swoop catches for the out play as well as many guys with many more years experience.

The nostalgic romance for daytime playoff baseball is a little damp here in Houston. News that the Boston@Houston Games 1 and 2 at MMP will start at 3 PM on Thursday and at 1 PM on Friday of this week is off-set by the fact that many working Houstonians will have to take off work early – or not work at all – to use the tickets they bought before the times were announced. Of course, the real reason this is happening is because the broadcasting network wants to save the evening times for the larger tv market clubs that also play on those same days.

Congratulations on a great regular season, Houston Astros! ~ Now let’s go do something that is entirely irregular to any season we’ve ever finished! ~ One Game at a Time, let’s not stop winning each series until the Houston Astros are the only team left standing as the winner of them all!




 SEASON’S END (Reflecting All Ten Playoff Qualifier Team Season Records)

DODGERS NLW   104 58 .642       BEST   BEST
INDIANS ALC   102 60 .630   BEST   ~   2.0
ASTROS ALW   101 61 .623   1.0   ~   3.0
NATIONALS NLE   97 65 .599   ~   7.0   7.0
RED SOX ALE   93 69 .574   9.0   ~   11.0
D BACKS NL WC1   93 69 .574   ~   11.0   11.0
CUBS NLC   92 70 .568   ~   12.0   12.0
YANKEES AL WC1   91 71 .562   11.0   ~   13.0
ROCKIES NL WC2   87 75 .537   ~   17.0   17.0
TWINS AL WC2   85 77 .525   17.0   ~   19.0












SUNDAY, 10/01/2017

1 JOSE ALTUVE HOU 590 204 39 4 24 .346
2 AVISAIL GARCIA CWS 518 171 27 5 18 .330
3 ERIC HOSMER KC 603 192 31 1 25 .318
4 JOSE RAMERIZ CLE 585 186 55 6 29 .318
NC * CARLOS CORREA HOU 422 133 25 1 24 .315
5 JOSH REDDICK HOU 477 150 34 4 13 .314
6 MIKE TROUT LAA 402 123 25 3 33 .306
7 JOE MAUER MIN 525 160 36 1 7 .305
8 JOSE ABREU CWS 621 189 43 6 33 .304
9 MARWIN GONZALEZ HOU 455 138 34 0 23 .303
10 LORENZO CAIN KC 584 175 27 5 15 .300
12 YULI GURRIEL HOU 529 158 43 1 18 .299
22 ALEX BREGMAN HOU 556 158 39 5 19 .284
24 GEORGE SPRINGER HOU 548 155 29 0 34 .283




Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


How the MLB Looked on July 19

September 26, 2017


On July 19, 2017, the Houston Chronicle sports pages section headlines read: “Simply thumb-struck”. Carlos Correa had just gone through hand surgery for that thumb-injury he suffered on a slide at home and now he was out and scheduled to return no sooner than late in the season, if at all.

I had saved that paper as an anchor point perspective on “how things were then” for a brief look at “how things are now” with the Houston Astros’ 2017 season as a result.

And here it is:

Carlos Correa. Carlos Correa was hitting .320 and playing gods-level defense through his final pre-injury game of Tuesday, July 18. He’s been back a while now – and only last night – he made another of those “angels in the infield” plays to retire Ranger runner Elvis Andrus at first. Oh yes, first baseman Tyler White also had an angel working on his leg extension during the same play or the whole jaw-dropping execution could never have been completed. – As for hitting, Correa has been less productive and powerful since his return from the DL. He went 0 for 5 Monday, 9/25, against Texas to fall below .300 at .299. The drop did not remove him from the Top Ten for Average because he hasn’t been able to put together enough plate appearances per games played by the Astros to qualify for a ranking position. We can only hope that the repaired thumb is not still bothering him in subtle ways he choose not discuss. The hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, obviously, is also weighing heavily upon his mind, as it is with Carlos Beltran. This will definitely be a time for healing on may levels.

The Houston Astros. We choose to let the standings, then and now, speak to how things have changed for the Astros since July 19, and those factors include, but also go way beyond the significant DL loss of Carlos Correa to what has happened.

On July 19, the Astros were 62-31, good enough for 1st place in the AL West with a 15.5 lead over 2nd place Seattle. Today, September 26, the Astros are 96-60, with a 9-day clinch on the 2017 AL West title, and with a window-dressing 19.0 game lead over the 2nd place Angels.

But …. however …. nevertheless ….. the Astros record since July 19 has been a mere 34-29 – a blushing bare peak above .500 for a club that began the season like the baseball version of a California forest fire.

Unquenchable the Astro flames were not. Look at the record of the Cleveland Indians this year, first back on July 19, when they were 48-43 – and a mere 1.5 games up on the AL Central Twins. Back then the Astros held a 13 game lead over the Indians for home field advantage in the then faraway post-season AL Playoffs. Now, on September 26, the Indians hold a 2.0 game lead over the Astros for the AL home field advantage – and they trail the Dodgers of the NL by only 1.5 games for home field advantage through the World Series.

How did the Indians do it? It’s easier in a brief column to stick to writing what they have done since July 19.

Since July 19, the Indians have won 50 and lost only 15 – while throwing in a new AL record for consecutive wins at 22.

Very interesting.




CLUB W L W%   AL   NL   WS
DODGERS 100 57 .637   ~   L   L
INDIANS 98 58 .628   L   ~   1.5
ASTROS 96 60 .615   2.0   ~   3.5
NATIONALS 95 61 .609   ~   4.5   4.5


Overall Leader gets home field advantage (HFA) in World Series.





ASTROS 11 – Rangers 2

INDIANS (lost win to technicality; did not play Monday)

NATIONALS 3 – Phillies 1

DODGERS 9 – Padres 3




1 JOSE ALTUVE HOU 572 199 38 4 24 .348
2 AVISAIL GARCIA CWS 500 165 24 4 18 .330
3 ERIC HOSMER KC 586 188 30 1 24 .321
4 JOSE RAMERIZ CLE 564 179 51 6 29 .317
5 JOSH REDDICK HOU 477 150 34 4 13 .314
6 MIKE TROUT LAA 385 119 25 3 30 .309
7 JOE MAUER MIN 513 158 35 1 7 .308
8 JOSE ABREU CWS 598 182 41 6 31 .304
9 MARWIN GONZALEZ HOU 441 133 32 0 23 .302
10 LORENZO CAIN KC 569 171 27 5 15 .301
NC * CARLOS CORREA HOU 402 120 21 1 21 .299
14 YULI GURRIEL HOU 509 150 39 1 18 .295
22 GEORGE SPRINGER HOU 530 150 28 0 33 .283
26 ALEX BREGMAN HOU 531 149 37 5 17 .281




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