The Big Boppers All Time All Stars

If the Big Boppers need a reliever for Babe Ruth, Wes Ferrell is our guy!

If the Big Boppers need a reliever for Babe Ruth, Wes Ferrell is our guy!

The Big Boppers All Time All Stars

Our All Time MLB Power Starting Lineup

Based Upon High Career HR Numbers

For the Positions Selected for Them Here.

Elaboration: When we say “we” here, we mean that this is the Big Bopper team we picked for The Pecan Park Eagle. Others of you may have chosen differently, but it’s hard to see how, given the fact that we chose to use HR as the only variable of choice for these picks.

Most of the picks were the all time leaders in HR numbers for their field positions, but Babe Ruth was obviously chosen for what he did mostly as an outfielder as the club’s  pitcher because he just happens to be the best slugger who also excelled at pitching. We could have chosen Wes Ferrell as our pitcher. Ferrell’s 38 HR is tops in the career of pure pitchers. Babe only had 14 as a pure pitcher, but we put Ruth in there as our starter because it opened the door to put our favorite center fielder of all time, Willie Mays, in a lineup where we feel he truly belongs.

Ditto A Rod and shortstop and Alphonso Soriano at 2nd base. A Rod will finish as a multi-year 3rd baseman and Soriano finished in 2014 as a left fielder and DH in 2014.

As for the DH, this club doesn’t have one. – Res Ipsa Loquitur.

As for the batting order, take your pick. – Either line them up as you see fit – or simply draw names from a hat and use whomever comes up next, from1 to 9, the first time through the order. – How can you miss?

One more note on Wes Farrell. In addition to being the career MLB HR leader for pure pitchers with 38, Ferrell also batted .280 over the course of his 15-season (1927-1941) career. Had more pitchers batted in the same neighborhood as Ferrell in greater numbers, we may have been able to escape the “DH” position that descended upon the American League in 1973.

The (#?) following each player’s name is their rank order among the greatest home run hitters of all time.

With no further adieu, here they are ….

The Big Boppers

Pitcher: Babe Ruth (#3) ~ (714 HR) (HOF)

Catcher: Mike Piazza (#49) ~ 427 HR (HOF)

1st Base: Albert Pujols (#11) ~ 579 HR (Still Active)

2nd Base: Alphonso Soriano (# 53) ~ 412 HR

3rd Base: Harmon Killebrew ~ (#12) ~ 573 HR (HOF)

Shortstop: Alex Rodriguez (# 4) ~ 696 HR (Still Active)

Left Field: Barry Bonds (#1) ~ 762 HR

Center Field: Willie Mays (#5) ~ 660 HR (HOF)

Right Field: Hank Aaron (#2) ~ 755 HR (HOF)


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas





3 Responses to “The Big Boppers All Time All Stars”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    Reading this, I couldn’t help but think of Former Astro Lee “The Big Bopper” May. Maybe you could add a DH position for him?
    Also, although he had no home runs, maybe J. P. Richardson could sing the National Anthem for your team?

    • Fred Soland Says:

      Mike, did you forget about Glenn Davis who was called “the Big Bopper” by HOF announcer Milo Hamilton? I believe he hit more bombs for the Astros than Lee May did.

  2. Fred Soland Says:


    I could pitch well with that lineup behind me. Even though I have never been a fan of the DH, I would willingly give up my spot in the order to the DH Babe Ruth. I am a consummate team player in that regard. Wayne Roberts can attest to this!!

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