I Must Be Doing Something Right


What a great normal week on the way to this weekend ….

Monday ~ Getting near the time I have to call the tree surgeon again. The gigantic American Elm that I planted in the NW corner of our small backyard as a mere twig from a coffee can that my late dad had given us over thirty years ago is again spreading its ever-expanding massive branches to all neighbor roofs in sight. And it all started as that little gift of love of my father from a small other town acreage of land in Beeville, Texas that had been in the family since the 19th century. I didn’t realize I was planting a time bomb of additional house maintenance expense when I put it into our Houston neighborhood soil – and complete with an Irish coin buried beneath the quaint little tree root as a blessing for growth. It’s shady, all right, and it is what it is – a mighty big tree – one of the monsters of the botanical world.

Oh well! I must be doing something right!

Tuesday ~ I was in one of my doctor’s offices when I happened to read one of those legal Q&A columns among the usual limited magazine and news materials. This one person wanted to know if he was responsible for the damage caused to a neighbor’s sewer line by the root system of a tree on his own property. To make a long answer short, the lawyer said that he “probably” would be held responsible, if the neighbor sues and fills in all the facts of causation with undeniable proof. Of course, my American Elm immediately came to mind referentially. – Residents of Houston small lots – cut your big root traveler trees down, folks, before they can get big enough to begin their own time-bomb reigns of terror on your bank accounts.

Oh well! I must be doing something right!

Wednesday ~ A telephone sales troll caught me on my cell phone – in spite of my supposed block on these kinds of contacts as I was driving home from an oil change and inspection at the Nissan dealership. Since I was looking for an important call, I took the connection from this unknown caller on my hands-free speaker phone car system.  “How would you like to have an all-free home security system installed at your house, just for allowing us to put a small company side in your front yard?” The man asked. “Who is your company,” I asked in return. – “Perhaps, you didn’t hear me,” the arrogant caller responded, adding, “Here it is again: How would you like to have a free home security system installed in your home?”

Click! I hung up! That one could only have been improved by not answering at all. And, oh well! I knew damn well that I handled that one right!

Thursday ~ Went in to my base doctor for my annual physical. Forgot to abstain from breakfast before I went in to the doctor’s office and had to go back in food fast mode on Friday morning to get the blood work completed.

Oh well! I must be doing something right!

Friday ~ Got home early from the blood test run and had a great day writing. I have a couple of other projects going besides The Pecan Park Eagle blog column that aren’t yet near publication possibility, but my spirit soars when either goes well on either the research or writing sides. My RN nurse wife got home about 5 PM and found me still writing. “Why don’t you knock off some of that writing time,” she kidded, “and go take a comedy defensive driving course,” she added. – “That would at least save us 10% on our car insurance!”


What’s funny about defensive driving, anyway? Does the instructor look like Rodney Dangerfield?  Does he stand up and quip lines like “take our discount – please!” – Or does he rip off lines like “hey – you Democrats and Republicans  – watch out for those right  and left turn only signs. – You’re going to get lost pretty fast, if you don’t!”

Oh well! I must be doing something right!

Have a nice weekend, everybody!


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


2 Responses to “I Must Be Doing Something Right”

  1. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    it never quits!

  2. Don matlosz Says:

    Best way to avoid the chatter and white noise. We are on a 3-week vacation in Europe Barcelona-Rome-London. No cellphone and computers. The serenity of mounts errant in Barcelona. Hiking at 4000 feet-monastery’s dart museum. Normandy beaches and cemetery. A moving experience. Two of my uncles died there..now in Rome. 3 hour tour of Ancient Rome by a great docent. no television for the past 2 weeks. The great escape is in motion.

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