An Astros World Series? You Never Know

An Astros World Series? You Never Know!

""I can explain bseball in two words: 'You never know.' "  ~ Joaquin Andujar

“”I can explain baseball in two words: ‘You never know.’ “
~ Joaquin Andujar


Here comes August – and the fans of teams that are still in the running for the playoffs are stumbling over the excitement of the last minute moves their clubs’ are making – or not making – to better secure a chance for the World Series this year.

But watch out! August is also the month that breathes fire into the wisdom of that not-so-ancient (Greek-to-most-of us) baseball philosopher,  Joaquin Andujar.

“You Never Know” has never been any more true than it is is now.

The New York Yankees came to Houston Monday for a 3-game series with the red hot and humming-big-dreams Houston Astros, but breathing the ink-ether of writers who were already picking the Bombers 2016 grave-site in light of the fact that the Bronx fellas had just traded their closer away to the bright and shiny new Chicago Cubs – and just as the Bayou City boys were loading up their lineup with a brand new hitting Zeus prospect from AAA Fresno.

Well, shucks, all you mighty baseball gods. On Monday morning, it was looking like the old dynasty kings from back east were all about folding their tents on this year and getting ready to mail in fairly easy sweep to the happy, hungry Astros.



Even without their closer – even without the now bad-sighted, poorly reflexing star we once formally knew as A Rod in playable shape to earn his $20 some odd mil for the season, the Yankees found some pitching, some pop, and the personification of surprising resurrection in the presence poise of that tall and stoutly rounded slab of beef named CC Sabathia in Game Two to clip and clobber the Space Men by scores of 2-1 and 6-3, and to also, so far, hold our young Alex Bregman from Fresno to only one walk and no hits in his first eight times at bat in the big leagues.

Again – you never know.

The two-day doubleheader loss wasn’t Alex Bregman’s fault. The kid’s got talent that may even start to blossom at the plate tonight. And he already has shown the world in Game One of the Yankee Series that his defensive skills at third base for the first time are beyond belief.

One more time. – you never know – until you step across the white line and play the game – what is really going to happen.

Let’s HOPE – NOT Mope!

Let’s hope that the presence of bats from Alex Bregman, Yurie Gurriel (whenever he gets here), and Preston Tucker will help make up for the current “Breeze Way Boy” weak stick cuts of Carlos Gomez, Colby Rasmus, and Jake Marisnick.

Let’s hope that Marwin Gonzalez stats well and hot at the plate – and let’s really hope that the hammy of Luis Valbuena is a short-time thing. And – let’s not assume the following – let’s hope that no one in the Astros camp is hoping that Jose Altuve, with a little help from Carlos Correa and George Springer can carry the offense back to playoff contention – with a little better pop in the bat from Evan Gattis when he’s catching and not burdened with the business of thinking too much in between DH AB’s.

Let’s hope for better starting pitching from here on. Fister’s performance wasn’t very much on the encouragement side last night and, unless Lance McCullers proves different tonight, we don’t seem to have a real inning eating stopper in the rotation. Maybe we could find something out there, but I wouldn’t trade great prospect talent for a “maybe guy” out there – and that’s all I do so. This is one of those years in which panic could produce a trade of great prospects for a “best available” pitcher who everybody else knows is just a cull.

Then again, you never know.

Going into the games tonight, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, here’s where the Astros stand in both the division title and 2 wild card spot play in opportunities.

Before going there, we need to express one more hope. – The Pecan Park Eagle hopes the Astros are able to start whipping up on the Rangers from here on in. If they don’t, all of the other hopes expressed here will amount to nothing more than a pile of crock.

That much, we do know!

Now here’s where we are with 100 games played – and 62 to go:

The Races That Matter to ASTROS Fans

Through All Games of July 26, 2016:



# Team   Won   Lost   PCT   GB
1 Rangers 58 43 .574 ~
2 ASTROS   54   46   .540   3.5
3 Mariners 51 48 .515 6
4 Athletics 46 55 .455 12
5 Angels 45 55 .450 12.5



# Team   Won   Lost   PCT   GB
1 Blue Jays 57 45 .559 ~
2 Red Sox 55 44 .556 ~
3 ASTROS   54   46   .540   1.5
4 Tigers 54 48 .529 2.5
5 Yankees 52 48 .520 3.5
6 Mariners 51 48 .515 4
7 White Sox 50 50 .500 5.5
8 Royals 48 51 .485 7
9 Athletics 46 55 .455 10
10 Angels 45 55 .450 10.5


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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