Houston Buffs continue Jimcrow gate, seating


Spec Richardson 1959 General Manager Houston Buffs Affirming Segregated Entry and Seating for Black Fans at Buff/Busch Stadium in 1959 was Spec's policy, even if the club itself was integrated.

Spec Richardson
1959 General Manager
Houston Buffs
Affirming Segregated Entry and Seating for Black Fans at Buff/Busch Stadium in 1959 was Spec’s policy, even though the Houston Buffs baseball club had been integrated since 1954.


Houston Buffs continue Jimcrow gate, seating

~ Negro News Press Association (NNPA), The Afro American (Baltimore, MD), April 11, 1959:

HOUSTON, Tex. (NNPA) – The Houston Buffs, competing this year for the first time in the American Association, seem content to acquire their revenue and support from all baseball fans except colored.

For years Buff management has insisted on segregated seating at Buff (now Busch) Stadium, where the Buffaloes perform. It also has been the policy for colored fans to enter through one special side gate or “cubby hole.”

The Houston baseball team was purchased last winter by former baseball great Marty Marion. Previously the Buffs competed in the AA Texas League. But beginning the spring the herd will move up a notch to the AAA American Association.


But apparently the segregated stands and the “cubby hole” entrance still hold.

Lloyd Wells, sports editor of the Houston Informer, reported this week that he was told by Buff general manager H.B. (Spec) Richardson that colored fans would still be set apart from white fans, and that colored fans would continue to enter the stadium through the one and only side gate.

Said Mr. Wells:

“As it stands now, Mr. Richardson has made the policy clear to the colored public. It is up to colored fans to do what they think is best in view of the facts. As far as I’m concerned, the Buffs are going to play all of their games in Canada.”


Pecan Park Eagle Editorial on 1959 Buff Stadium Fan Segregation Policies : Res ipsa loquitur.


About Last Night at SABR

We had a great time at the March 21, 2016 SABR meeting last night. Wall-to-wall numbers turned out at the Spaghetti Western Ristorante on Shepherd Drive in Houston to hear our one and only chapter namesake, Larry Dierker, speak his mind. We were not disappointed by the clock – or by the range of baseball topics that “Dierk” covered in his ninety minutes on the floor, both as speaker and Q&A Question leader with members on their broad range of interests in the game, its rules, and its history – to say nothing of their avid pursuit of insights into Dierker the man, the player, the manager, the broadcaster, and the writer.

Dierker speaks for himself. We do not. If you wanted to know how Larry felt about up-close-and-personal moments in the game, you needed to be there last night, or else, take pot luck and wait until Dierker writes whatever he next chooses to write about, or, hey, here’s a novel idea – join SABR and show up at the next meeting opportunity we have to hear him speak.


A Pecan Park Eagle Enjoyable Evening Too

We followed Larry Dierker last night with a dramatic reading of two personal poems that have appeared as “TPPE” columns with cartoons. The poems were “Courtesy Runner” and “Crown the Umpire.” – The readings were graciously received and several people came up after the program ended to express their personal appreciation for the effort we put forth in our ten minute spot. – We didn’t do the reading for validation of something that has been part of us since childhood. We did do it to hear for ourselves how these two poems fared as performances beyond the written page. I’ve always considered poems to be little stories that most often carry themselves directly to the reader from the written page, but sometimes work better like the written script to a very short play. – They have to be seen to be heard. It was my conclusion that both these little less-than-profound funny paper cartoons work well either way.

We also distributed copies of each poem to those who might want them. Both contained our website and e-mail addresses for those who may also wish to subscribe to our little nearly daily column blog site. We never do anything to promote The Pecan Park Eagle, except to put the columns out there. And that’s OK. Our work is play – a labor of love that is not about ego or any of the acquisitive paths that the ego embraces. All we try to do is write non-fiction pieces for truth – and fictional works and poems with the wiggle room door open for the creative input that only comes through all writers whose doors are open to the muses of inspiration.

The Pecan Park Eagle Followers Number: Upon Further Review

Somewhere in my remarks last night about The Pecan Park Eagle, I made the point that we had our start at WordPress in 2009 and that, since that time, we have produced almost a column per day. That translates to 2,240 posts published through 3/20/2016. That stat holds true. I knew it like the back of my hand going into last night’s presentation.

Because I only had glanced at the other stats casually prior to going into last night’s presentation, I felt the need to check out their details when I awoke this morning. What I found was most illuminating. My casual mistake has been that, until now,  I have been viewing the site’s total visits/hits list as the number of individual visitors.

That errant viewpoint has been a big mistake, only made small by the fact that I don’t write to run up numbers, anyway, but it’s still important to clarify – since I addressed it differently last night. – Based on all the facts, as I now know them to be, The Pecan Park Eagle is not even close to hitting the “one million individual visitor contacts mark” in 2016.

Through today, 3/22/2016, my confidential website contact data stats show the following ….

Our “TPPE” total for individual visitor contacts = 185,606;

Our “TPPE” total number of visits (hits) by all people from the smaller visitor list = 630,315;

Our “TPPE” Highest Number of Total Visits (Hits) in one day occurred on 9/19/2012 and that number = 2,012.

My sincere apologies, everyone. This error will not occur again. For now, however, I’m simply blown away by the awareness that 185,606 people checked in on The Pecan Park Eagle at least once over the past seven years. To me, that’s a lot of people. They are mostly from the USA, but they also come thinly in numbers from all parts of the world.

What an age this is to be alive!


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas





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