Crown The Umpire!


Crown The Umpire!

By The Pecan Park Eagle


Crown – the dear old umpire!

He fills our hearts with joy!

Though we make errors – all day long,

Perfection – is his ploy!


It is nothing – til he calls it!

Once he calls it – it’s the law!

Gripe loud – or lewd – or way too long,

And BE banned back – to Arkansas!


What’s with these specious arbiters?

These god-men dressed in blue?

But as we try to speak our minds,

It comes out – “god-damn-you!”


And as we state those fated words,

His walk-away – just stops,

He wheels around – with chin held high!

We see – we hear – his spraying chops!


His eyes are red with anger!

His right arm’s rolling back!

And now – it’s thrusting forward,

Pointing to the outfield track!


Beyond the track’s our clubhouse?

Is that what he means to say?

Does he want us to go there?

And spend the rest of the day?


And then he makes it very clear,

In a whiskey voice that roars,

“You’re Outta Here, Old Buddy!

Or else – your ass – soon soars!


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas





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