Take Me Out To The ‘Stros Game

Minute Maid Park 3

TAKE ~ me out to the ‘STROS-GAME,

Don’t boom the music so LOUD!

Lose all the rappers – and tee shirt SHOTS,

They-make-me-so-mad ~ that ~ I-can-see-SPOTS!

Let’s just ROOT, ROOT, ROOT for the ASTROS,

Organ music will do all the SAME!

And if – THEY – DON’T  ~  WIN – IT – THIS YEAR,





One Response to “Take Me Out To The ‘Stros Game”

  1. stanfromtacoma Says:

    I am with you 100 per cent about the noise from the PA system at baseball games. I wrote a letter to the Mariners in 2009 about that very subject. I never got a response. One of the joys about being in the stands is listening to the sounds of baseball — the crack of the bat, a fastball slamming into a catcher’s glove, the murmur of the crowd at a well attended game — there are so many pleasant things to hear at a baseball game. Oh well, at least I can remember those things. I feel sorry for the kids who will never know the pleasure of listening to the sound of baseball at a major league park

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