Morales and Drellich Charm and Inform SABR

Julia Morales ROOT Sports Field Reporter January 18, 2016 Photo by Mike cCroskey

Julia Morales
ROOT Sports Field Reporter
January 18, 2016
Photo by Mike McCroskey


They were both charming. They were each informative.

Julia Morales of ROOT Sports and Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle both addressed the Larry Dierker Chapter of SABR last night at the January monthly meeting of the Larry Dieker Chapter at the Spaghetti Western Ristorante on Shepherd, south of I-10.

Two of Houston’s brightest young and rising sports media stars were our contributing guests – and both raised the bars on their easy-to-like public styles as being terrific in person. And both spoke informatively on the Astros and their individual working experiences.

For those of you sports fans who may not know because of your current residences under large local rocks, Julia Morales is the bright and eager-to-take-on new challenges field reporter for ROOT Sports at all Astros baseball and Rockets basketball games. Evan Drellich serves as the beat writer for Astros baseball, but also does op-ed pieces and coverage of all major sports in Houston. Ironically, both have been on their separate Houston sports jobs since 2013, the year the Astros moved to the American League.

Julia grew up in Plano, Texas, outside Dallas, as the son of a high school track coach, an athlete in her own right, an eventual member of the Kilgore Junior College Rangerettes, a UT Austin journalism/media graduate, and a die-hard Dallas Cowboys football fan. (North Texas folk are prone to that malady, don’t you know?) Evan is a New Yorker. He grew up a red-blooded Mets baseball fan.

Arriving late for our SABR speakers/dinner meeting, my involvement with a chicken-laced Caesar Salad as each wonderful guest spoke denied me the opportunity of taking notes, but I do not recall Julia also expressing any die-hard devotion to the Texas Rangers during her childhood years. Wishing won’t make it so now, but the professionalism of both media speakers in behalf of the Astros, urges me to raise the question that maybe we share with others: How do two people from Dallas and New York, who grew up loving the Cowboys and Mets, box up all of their childhood passions and appear to be, at least, objectively supportive of any team from Houston winning anything? It is a fact they do it well. It is a puzzlement that any childhood emotionally-invested fan could ever really make the switch.

Maybe the answer is this simple. Julia and Evan both grew up, but people like me do not. I was a rabid Houston Buffs fan as a kid and an aspirant future writer or broadcaster of the game. While pretending to broadcast a game from the Knothole Gang back in 1950, a buddy, and my only listener, suddenly asked: “Could you do this good a job doing the play-by-play for the Dallas Eagles?”

“No,” I said. “They would fire me inside of one inning for being partial to Houston!” Julia and Evan appear to be better than that.

Julia regaled us with stories of her learning curve on the long season baseball road. She regaled that the doughnut hamburgers in Pittsburgh were an item to-die-for. And we believed her. In fact, some of us would only have needed to be in the room with that delicacy for the evening to gain ten pounds. Julia also impressed us with how much she’s learned about baseball from her three seasons on the road. The dailiness of baseball may be the greatest educative feature about the way the game is played. And we shall attest to the fact too that her post-game skills and interviews are further testament to her growth about baseball over the past three seasons. She’s doing very well and would be sorely missed if she were to depart the ROOT Astros team. – She’s also improved at dodging Gatorade showers while interviewing game heroes.

A link to more on Julia Morales:

Evan Drellich Houston Chronicle Sports Astros Beat Writer SABR Speaker, 01/18/16

Evan Drellich
Houston Chronicle Sports
Astros Beat Writer
SABR Speaker, 01/18/16

Evan writes at a maturity level beyond his apparently young age and experience. He has a great understanding of the game and he writes incisively of the Astros needs, but he avoids the corner that so many sports writers paint themselves into of becoming something of the “nagging partner” who is always ready to tell the club what they “should” and “should not” do to improve the team. He simply lays out the facts for everyone to see, fans and the club alike, for the sake of drawing their own conclusions. When Evan does enlist possible answers, he is never shaming or pushy. Just factual. As in, “here are the choices.” – I told Evan this last night: He’s now my new favorite locally active writer. And not because I always agree with his conclusions.  But because he always seems to start a topic with the right questions. The world belongs to those who, through intelligence or luck, come up with the right answers to the right questions. – Getting the right answers to the wrong questions does nothing to improve a bad situation. – Good Luck to you too, Evan, but please! As Houston fans, we would love to have you tell us sometime, as a Mets kid fan, how you really still feel about former Astros pitcher Mike Scott.

A link to more on Evan Drellich:|twcampserp|twgrauthor

Beyond the two excellent speakers, we again want to thank Jim Kreuz for coming up with another fine meeting program!

We also want to congratulate Larry Miggins for becoming the first winner of or SABR Chapter’s annual Bob Dorrill Award for Community Service to Baseball! It will be awarded this Thursday night, January 21, 2016, at the Annual Baseball Winter Banquet hosted by the Sugar Land Skeeters at Constellation Field, starting at 7:00 PM. Pre-paid attendees will need to pick up their banquet tickets at the front office door upon arrival. – Thanks to Ira Liebman and all the other great Skeeters people for making this important part of our Houston Area Hot Stove League season possible!

Another Reminder – Fan Fest will be held by the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park this coming Saturday, January 23, 2016, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. SABR will have a table there, promoting SABR membership and selling copies of our wonderful “Houston Baseball: The Early Years, 1861-1961.” Please join us. And if you would like to help man the SABR table, please contact Bob Dorrill at your earliest opportunity.

The winner of Tom White’s tough “Who died on This Date in History?” quiz was first time meeting attendee and SABR member, Larry Wemberley. – Welcome, Larry, and please come back and bring your baseball knowledge and moxie with you on a regular basis.

Thank you! Now Let’s Play Ball! … Soon!



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One Response to “Morales and Drellich Charm and Inform SABR”

  1. Sam Q Says:

    Let Ms. Morales know Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts has opened it’s new glass doors in the former Church’s Fried Chicken at 601 Heights Blvd.

    What a contrast between Ms. Morales and the picture behind her: The caption on the picture: “El Feo: Llega a la ciudad” translates into English as the Ugly arrives in the city. Stark contrast to Ms. Morales appearance in our city!

    Just an amusing observation!

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