Here Goes Johnny!


"All work and no play made Johnny a bad boy. All work and no play made Johnny a bad boy. All work and no play made Johnny a bad boy."

“All work and no play made Johnny a dull boy.
All work and no play made Johnny a dull boy.
All work and no play made Johnny a dull boy.”

Look. We all have to learn in our own ways. Johnny Manziel will either learn the hard way that maturity is pretty much a requirement for the full use of his skills or he will have to live with the consequences that come with prolonged or permanent immaturity. Remember the old saying? – We are only young once, but we may choose to remain immature indefinitely. If turning 40 in 17 years, and suffering the lessons of crystal clear hindsight doesn’t do it, then the hospital, the domestic relations courts, bankruptcy, the penitentiary, the mental hospitals or drug rehab centers, or a job sacking groceries at HEB will have to suffice while he’s waiting for the cemetery.

That’s just how it is. And the rest of us know the truth from our own mild to bloody personal experiences in the real world. We’ll just have to wait and see where “Here’s Johnny” leads as it quickly transforms into “Here Goes Johnny.”

Here’s a link to a January 6, 2016 piece of news about Le Bron James’s marketing agency cutting ties with Manziel. It only appeared in the Houston Chronicle as a sports section sidebar today, Sunday, January 17th. Too bad more of Le Bron wasn’t able to rub off on Johnny while the two were still together in Cleveland. Every gifted young athlete could learn a lot about personal maturity from “The King.” That man James is amazing in so many realms, but his factual place in Manziel’s young professional life simply supports one of the difficult truths about growing up. – Until someone is ready from the pain of their own consequential experiences, the greatest teachers in the world cannot help them.

Good Luck on reaching an early enrollment in the School of Hard Knocks, Johnny Manziel. Hopefully, you will get to graduate from there while you still have any football opportunities left in your bag of good choices.





One Response to “Here Goes Johnny!”

  1. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    …a great piece of work and “spot on” target for Manziel’s (self-induced) situation; makes one wonder how really good he is on the field. Well it is – what it is; there are still plenty of people out there that will pay stiff (ticket) prices to go watch some of these guys – that’s their choice? I am too old, and still like to watch clips of Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers running the expertly executed pulling guard sweep around/through the line – those days (my opinion) were the glory days of the NFL.

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