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The Big 12 Funny Papers

October 18, 2016

Early August, 2016 ….

Big 12 Conscience:

Big 12 Conscience: “Why don’t we give UH and BYU a chance to join our conference? They could make us even stronger!”
Big 12 Leadership : “Sure, why not?”

Friday, October 14, 2016 ….

B 12 Commissioner:

B 12 Commissioner: “Hell, UH beat OU without the help of our money; Barry Switzer says “Hell, no to UH too!” – Barry says that we would just make UH stronger by letting them in – and to make it worse – UH Head Coach Herman gets a $5 million dollar bonus that we’re paying for if we let UH into the Big 12. – How dumb are we? – We gotta keep ’em out!”

The Big 12 Commissioner directs his administrative assistant, Snow White, to get a head count of the ten Big 12 schools who will back his plan to nebulously kill expansion, for now. “This is not a rejection of expansion as a possibility,” Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby emphasizes, with an incredible ability to keep a straight face without cracking into loud guffaws of laughter, “but it is a reinvestment in the strength of the ten clubs we now have.” It is more probable that ESPN has killed the move by offering the ten Big 12 clubs more money to not expand at this time, a move which could cost ESPN a whole lot of additional money as payments to the 2 to 4 new clubs.

The presidents of seven dwarf Big 12 dwarf schools show up to give their support to Commissioner Bowlsby's

The presidents of seven dwarf Big 12 schools show up to give their support to Commissioner Bowlsby’s “kill the expansion deal” plan. UT and Baylor weigh in on the same side later as Bowlsby prepares his Monday 10/17/16 press conference announcement.

After Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby’s droll news announcement, a weak old friend pays him a return visit.

Big 12 Conscience:

Big 12 Conscience: “How could you speak to the world as you just did, Mr. Bowlsby?”
Big 12 Commissioner: “Give me a break, Jiminy! You know I tell the truth whenever it’s convenient!”


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