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Be Who You Are Beyond Just a Fan

August 16, 2016



Be Who You Are Beyond Just a Fan

By Bill McCurdy


Berkman – Bregman – Biggio – and Jeffrey Bagwell too.

Three of them were killer bees. – The other – astro new.

Glory only glides on hype – greatness ground by dreamer’s type.

Show it’s true – and lose the pipe – ‘fore you raise all myths in sight.


We who start out wanting – what seems more – than we are,

We who mind-sketch mountain climbs – from here to distant star,

We who strive to prove all greatness – at the risk of personal scar,

We dream of mansions we shall build – and the bling of our trophy car.


But “we” is only masking – the singularity of the letter “I”,

And the Ego’s great teaser – ’bout “how high is – really high?’

“Whatever you say – or whatever you do.

I can always fly higher – much higher than you.”


But if I find I can’t fly high – much higher than ground zero,

I may pick a game I watch as a fan – and find myself a hero,

To do all the hardest work for me there – in a way so quite precarious,

By leaving my flight to another –  and the wings of kid vicarious.


Better to learn – by old age – at least,

That winning through others – is a treacherous beast.

If victory shall come so – the doers should cheer,

As flyers splosh champagne – and fans spill their beer.


Better to learn early – that we already own

All of our parts – from our soul to each bone.

Life invites wisdom – from all of our falls

‘Bout who we are not – we’re nobody’s clone.


We all have a talent – our major leagues call

But if we don’t listen –  hope dies on its own

First – give of your talents – completely to life,

And the light of your being- shall outshine all strife.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



















June 22, 2011

Spahn and Sain and pray for rain

Has long raced wildly through my brain

As has that ever famed refrain,

Rain in Spain, mainly, the plain.


It wasn’t til it went away,

That rain became our daily stay,

To pray for what we needed most,

While watching lawns burn into toast.


Today, it seems, it’s coming back,

As thunder booms outside my shack,

And lightning sparks bright light, then dark,

Convincing me – this is no lark.


It’s going to rain in Houston today.



Thank God.

A Baseball Valentine Wish

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011, Houston Baseball Fans!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Spring’s almost here,

And baseball is too!


If thoughts, filled with dread,

Try to overcome you,

Shout, “The Astros are coming,”

And that ought to do!


Raising new hopes,

Of a pennant or two,

But wisely, not now,

2014 sounds true!


On Castro! On Wallace!

On Johnson! No scourn!

Keep busting your butts,

Till you’re good as Mike Bourn!


On Lee! Hunter Pence!

Cliff Barnes! And Bill Hall!

Go push your best game,

Till the Astros walk tall!


Go Meyers! Go Wandy!

Go Lyon! Go Happ!

Keep breezing their fannies,

Till they look like a sap!


Remember, the best team,

Is the sum of its parts!

So go out and play now,

With the strongest of hearts!