Be Who You Are Beyond Just a Fan



Be Who You Are Beyond Just a Fan

By Bill McCurdy


Berkman – Bregman – Biggio – and Jeffrey Bagwell too.

Three of them were killer bees. – The other – astro new.

Glory only glides on hype – greatness ground by dreamer’s type.

Show it’s true – and lose the pipe – ‘fore you raise all myths in sight.


We who start out wanting – what seems more – than we are,

We who mind-sketch mountain climbs – from here to distant star,

We who strive to prove all greatness – at the risk of personal scar,

We dream of mansions we shall build – and the bling of our trophy car.


But “we” is only masking – the singularity of the letter “I”,

And the Ego’s great teaser – ’bout “how high is – really high?’

“Whatever you say – or whatever you do.

I can always fly higher – much higher than you.”


But if I find I can’t fly high – much higher than ground zero,

I may pick a game I watch as a fan – and find myself a hero,

To do all the hardest work for me there – in a way so quite precarious,

By leaving my flight to another –  and the wings of kid vicarious.


Better to learn – by old age – at least,

That winning through others – is a treacherous beast.

If victory shall come so – the doers should cheer,

As flyers splosh champagne – and fans spill their beer.


Better to learn early – that we already own

All of our parts – from our soul to each bone.

Life invites wisdom – from all of our falls

‘Bout who we are not – we’re nobody’s clone.


We all have a talent – our major leagues call

But if we don’t listen –  hope dies on its own

First – give of your talents – completely to life,

And the light of your being- shall outshine all strife.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


















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One Response to “Be Who You Are Beyond Just a Fan”

  1. bart harned Says:

    Creative writing – BTW , if you is wanting to merge two images , my family saw a tool here

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