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Top 10 Things To Do in Houston During a 40-Year Drought

August 15, 2011

10. Kiss the Green Leaves of Summer Goodbye.

10. Kiss the green leaves of summer goodbye.

9. Stop driving. Open a business called U-Rent-A-Camel.

8. Steer all your kids toward careers in dermatology.

7. Lead a campaign to enclose Houston in an enormous air-conditioned sunglass dome.

6. Open another business called “Houston: Sand Supplier to the World.”

5. Build a subdivision where Lake Houston used to be. Call it “Death Valley East.”

4. Change Houston’s three major sports team names to more appropriate mascot themes like “Sand Crabs, Scorpions, and Gila Monsters.”

3. If you are an oil company, take advantage of the water supply shortage and buy up the rights to whatever remains of all H2O sources. Then come out with that car you already own by patent that runs on water, but wouldn’t have been a prudent business choice during water-plentiful, pricey-oil times.

2. Chill out. Go into the Weekend 48-Hour Igloo Backyard Camping business.

1. Remake the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” in Houston. Invite retiring Astros owner Drayton McLane, Jr. to appear in the starring role.