Home, Home at The Game

Artwork by the Late Patrick Lopez.

Home, Home at The Game

By Bill McCurdy

Oh give time a home ~ where the buffalo roam,

Where our dear ~ and sweet memories ~ play.

Where seldom was heard ~ a tweet ~ ‘cept from birds,

And the landlines lay sleeping ~ all day!


Home! ~ Later home at ~ the Dome!

We still came ~ for baseball ~ first hand!

To scorecard the game ~ watch each pitch ~ frame to frame

Our hearts soared ~ this is why ~ many came!


Now we’re seeking ~ a home,

Where new rules are the comb,

For untangling baseball’s ~ great might,

With inglorious victories in sight!


It should be ~ SHOULD be ~ should BE! ~ SHOULD BE ~

Should be a vainglorious PLIGHT! ~ OUTTA SIGHT!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher









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One Response to “Home, Home at The Game”

  1. strider49 Says:

    Your creative brain is still hitting for the circuit.

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