Baseball and Life Differences

Bud Selig
Baseball Hall of Fame
July 2017 Inductee


People who say that baseball is a metaphor for life are way off base. Try to convince me of that idea and I will tell you, going in, you’ve got two strikes against you from you very first trip to the plate. And you’d be listening to somebody coming at you from left field to think otherwise. As a simple swing of logic, this one’s a complete can of corn with no all-out dead-run “iffiness” about it.

Why am I so sure? Well, take a look at the differences between life and baseball that are as plain to see as called strikes to a blind umpire themselves and figure it out for yourself:

Whereas, life in America starts with birth – followed by childhood – followed by graduation from either regular school or the hard knocks variety – followed by getting a job – getting married – having kids – raising kids – retirement – growing old – getting sick and then dying – nobody ever is guaranteed that they will have the right combination of talent, opportunity, help, and good luck to be re-born to the game of baseball – even here – or in every place of the world – although, it does help to have been born in the USA, Latin America, or Japan for those chances to kick in.

Bottom Line Differences:

  1. Life is for everybody; baseball is not.
  2. Life can end in a tie score; baseball cannot.
  3. Life players end up in cemeteries or crematoriums.
  4. Great baseball players prefer to end up in Halls of Fame.
  5. Some great life players have their own Halls of Fame for what they do, but these are rarely places that people plan their family vacations around trips to go see.

One Awful Exception to the Life/Baseball Difference Rule

Sometimes undeserving baseball administrators use the power of their positions to trade their decisions on personal retirement in exchange for an egregiously undeserved merit induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In that regard, baseball and life are too similar for undisturbed contemplation for long in a normally peaceful mind.


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



One Response to “Baseball and Life Differences”

  1. Fred Soland Says:

    Rest assured, I will be booing Butt Selig when he is announced in Cooperstown!!

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