Miggins: Short and Sweet Is Hard to Beat

Kathleen and Larry Miggins


Short and sweet is hard to beat, especially when those qualities flow so naturally and life-fully from the  wit and wisdom of a still wild Irish rose at the least expected of times.

This morning I made asimple friendship call to the residence of Larry and Kathleen Miggins, just to say hello, and to ask about Larry’s latest progress from that bad fall he took late last year.

Kathleen answered the phone, so I asked: “How’s Larry doing?”

“Let me tell you as best I am able, dear Bill,” Kathleen answered in that classic Irish storyteller mode she engages for speaking in response to any question that transcends the need for mere yes or no responses.

“We’ve done everything we can to get Larry out of the house to do things, but, alas, Larry spends almost all of his days now just staring through all the windows of the house.”

There was a curious brief pause, as though Kathleen was allowing that picture of Larry staring through glass to seep into my own mental imagery of the situation.

Then Kathleen simply concluded her answer to my original question in slow deliberate terms.

“If he keeps it up at the same rate for much longer, we’re simply going to have no choice but to unlock the doors and allow him to come back into the house!”


When it comes to great column stories, short and sweet, indeed, are very hard to beat as well.

Thank you, Kathleen Miggins, for making my day.



One Response to “Miggins: Short and Sweet Is Hard to Beat”

  1. Fred Soland Says:

    You would have to search far and wide to find two more endearing people than Mr & Mrs Miggins. I went to St Thomas with three of their sons. That is only 1/4 of the their children. All I can say is based on my experience with the three I knew, patience is a virtue!! I have never seen either one of them without a smile on their face and ready with a story!! They are two fine examples for all to follow!!

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