Astros vs. Rangers Through Seven games

Jeff Banister, Manager
2017 Texas Rangers

Running and Gunning Through their First 7 Games in 2017 *

Astros —  Rangers
6-1 W-L 1-6
48 Runs 28
.288 Avg .218
16 HR 11
43 SO 92
29 BB 23
3.71 ERA 5.85

* Compliments of the Dallas Morning News, Sports Day, June 4, 2017

It’s a long season and anything can still happen. That being said, 2017, so far, is a lot more fun for Houston Astros fans and a much longer winding road for followers of the Texas Rangers, who now trail their Southeast Texas brethren by 15 full games  through their first 57 games that both clubs (Astros 41-16 and Rangers 26-31) each have played in the American League West this year to date.

As Astros fans, let’s just sit back and enjoy this dream season for as long as it lasts. Meanwhile, our deeply genuine thanks go out to Jeff Luhnow, A.J. Hinch, Jim Crane, and Reid Ryan, especially, for all they’ve each done to make it happen.

“Hello, there! I’m actor David Thewlis and I play the insanely sinister super villain V.M. Varga on the latest FX Network Series Version of Fargo. I’m not really Rangers manager Jeff Banister, but were I playing that fellow as the character I now portray on Fargo, there would be plenty of extra-legal things I could do to immediately help our Rangers club in the AL West. – I also sort of dashingly look and smile in ways that remind one of Jeff Banister too. …. Don’t you think?”


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “Astros vs. Rangers Through Seven games”

  1. Jerry Peters Says:

    I appreciate the staticial review of the first seven games with the Rangers. This is especially sweet since they have been the Astros nemesis for a number of seasons. HOPEFULLY there are even sweeter things to come. It is really great to see the entire team contributing to the fantastic season that the Astros have had so far this year. Keep up the great job of keeping us (the fans) well informed. THANKS FOR YOUR WORK !!

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