Just Call ‘Em “Earnest Hinchesway”

Former Houston Buff Jim Basso and Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway
Compliments of the Jim Basso Collection


No, the 2017 Houston Astros aren’t the 1927 New York Yankees, but I’m now guessing they could bop with Ruth and Company pretty good if they played old “Murderers’ Row” as they did almost everyone else in May.

The guys adopted so well to manager A.J. Hinch’s appropriate pre-season slogan of “Earn It”  that it only took one-third of the season for them to have earned the “best team in baseball” call from all comers, far and wide. Indeed, these 2017 Astros are the most “earnest” about winning team that most of us older fans have ever seen. Bar none.

“Earnest” should be their most deserved team first name – leaving the “a” in the spelling – and leaving the door wide open for the completion of their 21st century-style team name for what it is by who they truly are as a remarkable club – and by an identity that comes close to conjuring up the image of a fellow who loved baseball, wrote passionately about it, and probably won more fights than all of the Murderers’ Row members combined over a variety of subjects.

Just call the 2017 Houston Astros by their fully earned and deserved team name for the all out passionate way they play the game in accord with their manager’s wishes.

Just call ’em “Earnest Hinchesway!”


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “Just Call ‘Em “Earnest Hinchesway””

  1. bhick6 Says:

    Great photo of Jim Basso with “Papa.”

    Bill Hickman

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