Time to Celebrate Astros’ Carrot Top

Two Smiling Carrot Tops
ROOTS TV Broadcasters
Todd Kalas and Mike Stanton

Tomorrow night, Friday, May 26, 2017, the Houston Astros will celebrate the next unusual hairstyle on their roster when they pass out 10,000 of these “Yuli” Gurriel rally caps to fans attending the first game of the weekend Baltimore Orioles series at Minute Maid Park. ROOTS TV game caller Todd Kalas and analyst Mike Stanton rolled out the models pictured here Wednesday night, whetting the appetites of those fans who just can’t wait to add an attractive alternative to their “Keuchel’s Korner” black beard hangers – although, we assume that some radically inclined fans may now choose to wear both on nights when Dallas Keuchel pitches and Yuli Gurriel plays first base.

Perhaps, the Astros will consider renaming a small fan section near the first base side in honor of dear Yuli. They could call it “The Carrot Patch” – giving power to this haircut’s ability to transform the wearer into something that resembles a a bi-pedaling human carrot. It’s the orange hair and the orange reflection on the face that seals the deal on this special carrot stalker look. Gurriel does it really well.

“Glad to have you with me tonight, Mike!” ~ Todd Kalas

The style also possesses a definite “Fountain of Youth” quality to it. – With his cap in place, Yuri Gurriel looks like the mature, nearly 33-year old guy he actually is. Let him knock a homer, or some other kind of walk-off Astros victory hit, and the cap goes rolling away under the congratulatory body slaps from euphoric teammates.

And Yuri Gurriel goes instantly from his first image as a capped serious-looking early 30s guy into a giggling, blushing 13-year old teen in a flat-out nanosecond – and one who just seems to be looking for a quiet, private place to relax in the worst of all possible places – the TV-covered bench of a winning MLB club.

The carrot topped hair does its aging magic every time.

“Are you sure this isn’t why Blummer couldn’t be here?” ~ Mike Stanton

Once the Astros get involved in using a player’s hair-style in their gate promotion plans, we imagine that the club would be more than a little disappointed if Yuri Gurriel showed up for work tomorrow with a brand new burr haircut.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle




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