AL Wild Card Winners: Blue Jays and Orioles

Baltimore Orioles Wild Card # 2

Baltimore Orioles
Wild Card # 2



Toronto Blue Jays  Wild Card # 1

Toronto Blue Jays
Wild Card # 1





BLUE JAYS * 89 73 .549 WC#1 0
ORIOLES ** 89 73 .549 WC#2 0
TIGERS *** 86 75 .534 – 2.5 0

* BLUE JAYS defeated the Red Sox, 2-1, Sunday to take the WC#1 spot in the 2016 AL Playoffs.

** ORIOLES defeated the Yankees, 5-2. Sunday to take the WC#2 spot in the 2016 AL Playoffs.

*** TIGERS lost to the Braves, 1-0, but were “lemonaded” anyway as a result of the Jays and O’s both winning.

….. The Jays and O’s crossed the line in a photo finish confirmed season record tie for first place to take both spots in the AL Playoff Race …. Because of their superior head-to-head season record, the Jays took the home field advantage as the WC#1 against the WC#2 O’s now set for Tuesday, 10/04/16, in Toronto. The winner of that game goes into series play against one the three division champions for the American League championship 2016 pennant. …. All the Tigers have left to show for it is still something no other AL club can claim. …. the Tigers were the “last club standing” outside the gates of why they all play the whole season, anyway …. and that is …. to strive for a World Series victory in late October or early November …. and how long do dedicated winners persist in this quest? …. Ask the Chicago Cubs! …. the Cubs have the best chance in 2016 they’ve had over the past 108 years to now repeat what they haven’t done since 1908 …. and that is …. altogether now …. WIN A WORLD SERIES AND SHED THEIR LOVABLE LOSERS IDENTITY FOREVER!!! …. Will it happen? ….. And if the Cubs succeed …. will it be worth it? …. After all …. victory for the Cubs means that they will have to surrender their pass to about six generations of fans on the the north side of Chicago. …. It’s a pass card that reads: “Go Cubs! Real Cubs fans go to Wrigley because the Cubs are lovable losers, playing baseball in the most nostalgic stadium in the National League. …. Real Cubs fans don’t expect ‘1908’ to ever go away as their reminder that this game of baseball is about a carefree afternoon at the game … and not so much about winning! …. at least, on the north side!” … What happens if the Cubs win the 2016 World Series? …. Will it feed North Siders the dangerous idea that winning the big one is something that ought to happen more often than once in every 108 consecutive opportunities. …. Just think about it, Chicagoans. … Are you sure you want to mess with the way things have been on the north side ….. almost since shortly after the Fall of Eden? ….. It is grave matter, indeed, Chicago fans! …. And keep in mind too, Chicago Cub owners …. sometimes action on the heels of a pre-emptory wisdom occurrence is the salvation of the realm. …. even in baseball.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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