AL Wild Card Race, Through Saturday, 10/01/16






































Teams W L Pct. GB WC #2 GL
Orioles 88 73 .547 Co-Leader 1
Blue Jays 88 73 .547 Co-Leader 1
Tigers * 86 74 .538 – 1.5 2
Mariners *
86 75 .534 – 2.0 1

GL above = Games Left to Play

* Blue Lettering = Tigers have a blue sky chance left to them. They must win Sunday and one of the teams above them must lose for Detroit to have any hope. If that blue sky scenario occurs, the Tigers will play a make-up game with Cleveland on Monday, 10/03/16, to bring them to the complete 162 completed schedule the O’s and Jay already have reached (presuming that both of them are not affected by weather on Sunday, 10/02/16). Thee Tigers must win that  make-up game with Cleveland to tie the club(s) above them for a WC spot. If that happens, we will have to wait for further word from the Commissioner on how MLB plans to handle two or three team ties for the two open wild card playoff spots.

  • Red Lettering =The Mariners got “lemonaded” on Saturday night, 10/01/16.

…. The O’s and Jays are coming down to the wire on the last day in a dead heat ….. The Tigers took a hit on Saturday, but still have a complicated blue sky shot, but only if they grab a win over the Braves on Sunday and all the special requirements that now ride with them. Complex as it now is, the Tiger shot all boils down to one thing …. one more loss and they too will be “lemonaded. …. so here we go ….. the wire is coming up on us faster than raisins traveling through the digestive track ….. Whoa, Nellie!!! ….. will the Tigers live to roar???”


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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