More Important Than Making the Playoffs



What could be more important than the Astros making the AL playoffs, UH scorching OU, UT thumping Notre Dame, the Aggies saving Coach Kevin Sumlin’s job by whipping UCLA, the NBA Rockets turning into a winner behind a new old coach and James Harden, their expensive “Lone Star”, or the NFL Texans finally finding the quarterback who will lead them to the Super Bowl? Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Finding cures for all the various forms of cancer – and then finding a way for cancer survivors to afford living out those extra years that these medicines have made possible?
  2. Finding a way to keep the drug companies from choking on the profits from all these prescribed medications that are keeping us alive longer?
  3. Getting Congress to amend the Social Security laws and policies that have made it possible for our forced participation in this government retirement plan that then taxes us again on the money we withdraw from the program at retirement?
  4. Asking Congress to explain and amend the federal election culture that makes it possible for them to vote salary, medical, and retirement benefits for themselves that, when compared to us everyday taxpaying private citizens, are about as different from us as the 1927 New York Yankees were from the 1927 St. Louis Browns?
  5. Ending racism in all forms for the genuinely first and last time?
  6. Establishing respect for law and order as essential to the development, maintenance, and growth of civilization?
  7. Commitment to the education of our children through programs  that even take the study of history to a level of passionate interest for all  the right reasons?
  8. Growth in our understanding that, when we each give each other the right to be different from us, we open the door to a clearer vision of what we each share in common?
  9. Finding a better way to elect our American President that will be more attractive to qualified candidates that are neither ego-power-driven crooks or crazies?
  10. Making our peace with the three questions that ride with us throughout our human lifetimes: Why am I here? What do I do now? And what happens to me when I die?
  11. Resolving all those questions about our existence in ways that do not conclude with the idea that we are here to kill all others who are either not us – or exactly like us?
  12. How does the way we presently use our time help or hurt our direct pursuit of our own “beyond-ego” passions in life?
  13. In all the ways it manifests, how is Love more important than Hate as an item of greater importance than any item on any list our human minds can produce?


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



4 Responses to “More Important Than Making the Playoffs”

  1. Doug S. Says:

    Nice list Bill

  2. Wayne Chandler Says:

    Amen, Bill. I think you’ve covered it all. wayne chandler

  3. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    Dr. BILL: –> very well put – keep leading from the front…..
    PAC (STHS ’56)

  4. gregclucas Says:

    You would have my vote, but you are older than Hillary and Donald already!

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