AL 2016 Wild Card Race: 9/01/16




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With the 2016 Houston Astros, they seem to be going the way of the cat with nine lives. Every time we think they’re done, they ain’t – very much also the heart of Yogi’s greatest wisdom; it simply “ain’t over til it’s over.”  Today’s series sweep in a comeback win over the A’s, 4-3, now pulls the club to within only one game of a lead in the 2nd wild card spot that the Orioles and Tigers now occupy in a tie.  If the Houston boys are to continue streaking, passing both the O’s and Tigers for the 2nd WC spot along the way, they will be in a position to make the playoffs without being at the mercy of anyone else. The “glass is half empty” perspective on that same hope is that they now move into consecutive series five consecutive series against three division leading teams and a total of 13 consecutive games against the Rangers (3 in Houston), Indians (4 in Cleveland), the Cubs (3 in Chicago), and the Rangers again (3 in Arlington) – and all of these games will be played with no days off in between – and no starts from the injured Lance McCullers. It could settle a lot our new hope issues in two weeks, but, with only 29 games left now on the Astros’ schedule, we can’t expect miracles to keep happening if we fall into another hole over the next  13 contests. By the time the club finishes with this 2016 version of Murderers’ Row clubs on their late season schedule, only 16 games shall remain to be played once they are either done – or undone. About playoff spots, pennants, and World Series wins, Yogi may as well also have said, “Nothin’ in baseball is in the bag ’til it’s in the bag.”

Maybe “it ain’t on ’til it’s on” is an even better Yogi-way to express our normal hopes and often unfounded expectations about reaching the playoffs from the middle sized tree limbs of mediocrity.

As the Astros begin the month of September on a 10-2 Lazarus Resuscitation roll, , here’s how the American League Wild Card Race shapes up on the morning of this 1st day in September:



BOSTON RED SOX 74 59 .556 + 2.0 5-5 29
BALTIMORE ORIOLES 72 61 .541 tie 5-5 29
DETROIT TIGERS 72 61 .541 tie 5-5 29
HOUSTON ASTROS 71 62 .534 -1.0 8-2 29
NEW YORK YANKEES 69 63 .523 -2.5 7-3 30
KANSAS CITY ROYALS 69 64 .519 -3.0 6-4 29
SEATTLE MARINERS 68 65 .511 -4.0 2-8 29

GL above = Games Left to Play

In summary of every last winged “this year” hope, from most to least probable, going into September, here are all the bottom line math details of import to the 2016 Astros:

…. The Astroa are 1 Game Behind the Orioles and Tigers, the two clubs now tied for the 2nd Wild Card spot!

…. The Astros are  3 Games Behind the Red Sox for the 1st Wild Card Spot! (and)

…. The Astros are 8.5 Games Behind the Rangers (80-54, .591) for the AL West Division Lead Spot!


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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