Baseball Truths, Beliefs, Myths, or Superstitions

  1. Catcher John Bateman of the Houston Colt .45's dropped a foul ball in old Colt Stadium. He said he lost it in the moonlight. And who knows? Maybe he did. If the picture above is to be believed, the moon "seams" to have a baseball influence going for it.

    Catcher John Bateman of the Houston Colt .45’s dropped a foul ball in old Colt Stadium. He said he lost it in the moonlight. And who knows? Maybe he did. If the picture above is to be believed, the moon “seams” to have a baseball influence going for it.


Baseball Truths, Beliefs, Myths, or Superstitions

  1. If a base runner in a close game gets put out and removed from scoring territory by a failed steal or pick-off play, the next batter will get a hit that would have scored him had he not been retired.
  2. Some of the all time great hitters in history (Babe Ruth, Paul Waner, and Mickey Mantle come to mind) have better days at the plate in day games if they spent the previous night boozing and/or carousing.
  3. A big league city may be cursed from winning another World Series by an egregious offense to the baseball gods. Until the 2016 season, one of these curses was beginning to look as though it had the power to last until the crack of doom – and that still may be true. The 2016 season remains ongoing and it has an unfinished tale to tell.
  4. Baseball managers are hired to be fired.
  5. Players should never talk to their teammate pitcher if he still has a serious no-hitter bid going late in the game.
  6. Media broadcasters and fans should not speak a word about the game condition if a pitcher has a no-hitter in the works late in the game.
  7. Inverting your baseball cap and wearing it inside out will empower your club to overcome a small run-deficit in the 8th or 9th inning and win the game.
  8. Short ball park fence distances are preferable because (a) fans need to see all the home runs possible; and (b) the short field distances leave valuable space open for the club’s ancillary revenue stream business development.
  9. When a club narrowly misses a play off series win, a league pennant victory, or a World Series crown, the disappointed cheer of “Wait ‘Til Next Year” is the truth – and not the “in denial” compensatory “grasping at straws” choking death rattle cry of the loser that cooler heads say it is.
  10. Baseball is the most beautiful, most prosaic, most artful, and most exciting big dramatic moment finish game ever invented for the enjoyment of the human mind, body, and soul – and in ways that transcend all cultural change from one era to the next. It is the game of the ages.

Editorial Notes:

Comment One: Many other baseball truths, beliefs, and superstitions exist. We would love to add your contributions by comment in the section which follows this column.

Comment Two: Regarding Item #8 above, if baseball really wants to see more home runs, here’s a way to assure that outcome while also saving money on roster salaries: Bring the fences in from LF to CF to RF to a distance of 120 equidistant feet from home plate.

Next, eliminate the three outfield positions from the game as being no longer necessary, while also requiring that the arching fence is an even 50 feet in height to prevent cheap line drive homers. The shorter distance and much greater height of the new close wall will virtually eliminate triples, reduce doubles to a rarity, and pretty much guarantee that all future hits will either be singles or sharply parabolic home runs. Of course, all “fielders” (the In/out distinction having now been eliminated) will need to possess the agility of a Carlos Correa as they now become the only players to defend against bunts and wall caroms at their respective four positions beyond the pitcher and catcher.

Of course, if you are among those old birds who find the home run becoming less special with too much frequency per game, or if you still recall the Willie Mays’ catch in the 1954 World Series as beautiful, or if you just hate to bury the idea of killing triples completely, you will hate this new game as much as we do. But let’s face it, we can’t expect to keep the millennials coming to the ball park forever  just to watch sausage races or catch tee shirts that most clubs now sling-shot at them. Can we? Of course not! If they want to see more home runs, this is a way to give it to them. Just don’t bother to take me out to that ball game.

Comment Three: Regarding Item # 10 above, we love it. Of course, we love it. We wrote it. And we not only believe it – but we also believe it to be true. And we know that we are not alone in our love of the game. We simply are one of the millions of baseball fans who feel something along the same lines we have tried to express here.

Play Ball. Now and Forever.

Have a great Thursday too, everybody! The Astros swept the Angels this afternoon and are now coming home hot, happy, and, hopefully, still win-hungry!



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