Make Your Voice Heard on Minute Maid Park

Beautiful Minute Maid Park Home of the Houston Astros

Beautiful Minute Maid Park
Home of the Houston Astros


You don’t have to care about the removal of “Tal’s Hill” as many of us do. If you simply care about the 31 feet shorter center field fence distance that comes with this plan, it should be enough to involve you enough to make your opposition to these changes known to the club powers-that-be. Please read the two previous columns on this issue of why we think this matter is important. The decision belongs to the Astros, but, since we Houstonians and Harris County residents are part owners and the primary fan base of the Houston Astros, we think that we share both a right and responsibility for standing up against a move that stands to turn our unique and beautiful Minute Maid Park into the home run band box it is likely to become – no matter how many assurances we get from the club that “it won’t be so bad.”

Not so bad? Then either prove it before you do it, Astros! ~ And prove to us how Astros pitchers of the future are going to fare as well with no center field area left as the only potential graveyard for long fly balls!

Readers, if you really don’t care, then chill out and watch what happens if this change goes forward. If you like watching pinball machine games, you are going to love what you are about to get!

On the other hand, if you do care, your only hope is to make your voice known to the Astros decision-makers. It’s their decision and they are all capable of listening to the fans who stand together against unwanted change. If you do nothing – or simply don’t want to get involved – than don’t bother to complain later if these proposed field changes go through as approved for 2017. – But keep this thought in mind. – Do you remember what happened back in the 1990s when no one spoke up against Oilers Owner Bud Adam’s demand that the great animated scoreboard be removed and replaced with more seats for football? Right! We lost one of the Astrodome’s great features and the NFL Oilers still ended up leaving Houston for greener pastures when the city and county rejected his later demand for a new all-football stadium.

If only a few people respond to this appeal, the worst that can happen is that the Astros will either be drawn into one or all of these potential conclusions: (1) People don’t really care what the Astros do to the ballpark; (2) If these changes help the club win the World Series, fans won’t care what the field looks like or how it plays, even if the bandbox destroys the special advantage that some home club pitchers, especially, now enjoy with their abilities to seduce long fly ball outs to center field; and (3) So much for The Pecan Park Eagle. Who reads them, anyway?

The Eagle can live with any dismissive conclusions that this campaign brings to us. We don’t write to float an ego kite. As was true with our sandlot salad baseball days, we like to write because we love to breathe. And we breathe the truth about what we think and feel – about baseball, our City of Houston, and life in general.

If you haven’t read them, here are the links to out first two articles on the plight of Minute Maid Park. Our case for fan action is all laid out in these, including the contact information you will need to make your opinions known to the Houston Astros.

Thank you, readers and fellow fans, and thank you too, Houston Astros, for all you do to bring us the best in baseball player quality hope for a World Series championship. We also acknowledge that your decision about those changes to the field of play ultimately belongs to you. We simply strongly disagree with you on what these changes will bring to the character, history, and play-ability of dynamic, watchable baseball at our needs-no-change unique Minute Maid Park.

Here are the links to the two previous related columns:

We’ll be back to easier, lighter subjects tomorrow. The rest of the ride in this matter of Minute Maid Park is up to the rest of you – and that especially includes the decision-makers for the Houston Astros. We have no desire to “win out” over you. We do want to entreat you to re-think an issue about fixing something that really isn’t broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. Your flexibility in this matter, we are convinced, would be perceived as a sign of your strength. Also, there should be plenty of other space elsewhere to expand revenue streams that do not require the usage of any space from Tal’s Hill, even if it means expanding to include some current external space, without sacrificing the home field advantage and dedicated history of our all-around current field configuration. External space contiguous expansion could also be more convenient for enterprises that remain open to the general public on all those days throughout the year in which no ballgames are being played. – That’s just our two cents opinion. On these revenue stream matters, we are a very affordable business consultant.

Regards to All,

The Pecan Park Eagle


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas




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