A Gift of Love in a Week of Mourning

Logo of My new Pecan Park Eagle Tee Shirt ~ Designed and Produces as a Gift of Love from my Brother, John McCurdy of Beeville, Texas.

Logo of My New Pecan Park Eagles Tee Shirt
~ Designed and Produced as a Gift of Love From My Artist Brother, John McCurdy, of Beeville, Texas.


Before I wrote a single word of this column Sunday evening, I thought to myself: “How can I write anything about a small gift of love that came to me this week, especially on another day in our nation’s history in which we’ve all been doused again with the hot gravy grief over the loss caused to all of us, and realized as such by most of us, by one mind’s demented actions of hate. – Hate for what? Whether Omar Mateen killed those 50 strangers and seriously injured another 53 because he assumed they were gay – or because he assumed they were American – he was trying to do it to us all. – Whether Omar was a wild card trick pony super agent of Isis, a simply misguided soul, or someone ill enough to think that killing anyone who was different from him would solve anything, he only succeeded in establishing his actions in Orlando in the wee small hours of this same day as the statistically second worst act of terror, individually performed, or otherwise, – and second only to the tragedy of “911”. It still notably was the worst carnage caused by gunfire in our country’s history. With over 100 people murdered and maimed, it will not take long for that pebble in the pond to form a concentric circle of connection in some way to all the rest of us. Even Kevin Bacon will be unable to avoid this chain of grief and gravity.

Nevertheless, life goes on.

We agree with the message that kept attempting to surface today, even when it fell from the lips of politicians – and other erstwhile opportunists who spoke it. Even when it’s said by those by those with something to personally lose from an inappropriate comment, it’s still true: We Americans must not allow the pain of this tragedy to defeat freedom of movement and spirit in this country. We must steel our resolve from the lessons of this pain and remember. – Love defeats hate in the last reel of this film we call “Life” – even if we forget that – or don’t believe it. Because, if we don’t believe it – and our money is on “hate” winning in the end – we just bought into the idea that there could be any final result that would have any winners at all. – There is no hope in the final triumph of hate. – Buy into hate – and we make the decision to buy into the idea that there can possibly be any love left for anyone in a world that is dominated by the baddest hater in the bunch.

That being said, and in spite of the ugliness that descended upon our quiet Sunday this week, we did receive a little gift of love in the mail last Monday. It came from my brother John in Beeville, arriving the day prior to our loss of Morti. I was going  to share this very small personal news earlier, but Morti’s loss on Tuesday – not the loss of the love we shared – took up the space in our hearts since Tuesday, as it still does, but in a healing way. That intervening event is no diminishment to the joy and love that came from what you sent me, Brother John.

It was a special tee shirt, but one with the featured “Pecan Park Eagle” logo and lettering that covers the entire upper front portion of the jersey. It also came with a modest baseball cap that bears the same eagle figure that John drafted for the shirt piece. He had a little print shop in Beeville do the final product. I’m planning to wear it to our next SABR meeting – and, most likely, I will have to order a few other copies of the “Eagle Tee Shirt” for the sake of enduring freshness. – John was the catcher on our 1950 Pecan Park Eagles club, a job that always required the skills of a younger player. (John McCurdy is four years younger than me.) Back then, catchers had to have the ability to run down the street and retrieve the lone game ball when it got away from the sandlot and started the long further damaging bounce-by-bounce trip east on Japonica Street. – Just kidding, sort of, but not kidding about John. He could really paste that ball all over the place as a hitter – and he was a damn good catcher too.

John, Margie, & Bill McCurdy Margie's 2nd Birthday August 19, 1951 (Same Day Eddie Gaedel Came to Bat in St. Louis.)

John, Margie, & Bill McCurdy
Celebrating Margie’s 2nd Birthday in Pecan Park
August 19, 1951
(The Same Day Eddie Gaedel Came to Bat in St. Louis.)

Thank you, Brother John! A little love goes a long way – and there’s no one else in my life, other than Mom and Dad, whose shared love with each of of us goes back as far as ours does for each other. And thanks too for lighting this candle of love in a week filled with darkness. The stars are bright tonight in our house – because of you – you old Eagle original!

Love and Peace Forever, Brother Bill.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



2 Responses to “A Gift of Love in a Week of Mourning”

  1. bobcopus Says:

    What a great gift. Look forward to seeing it.

  2. Sandy Clay Says:

    Great Bill!

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