The National Ballpark Museum, Denver


The National Ballpark Museum Denver, Colorado Bruce Heberstein, Curator

The National Ballpark Museum
Denver, Colorado
Bruce Hellerstein, Curator

 Taking  a break from doing my 2015 tax return,  decided to chill out with one of my favorite programs to DVR, “Mysteries of the Museum with Don Wildman” on the Travel Network, Channel 283 on Direct TV, Thursday nights at 8:00 PM. This one featured a Polo Grounds aisle seat that now rests in the “National Ballpark Museum” in Denver, a half mile from Coors Field, as an artifact lead-in connection to an ancient baseball story they wanted to tell. Although the TV program’s presentation of this famous baseball story was a little incomplete and overly simplified in service to broadcast time,  it certainly hit home with me as an eye opener to the fact that this I’m sorry I never knew about this place earlier, but I’ve only been to Denver on plane travel stops.

The program used the old Polo Grounds seat as an inanimate witness (oxymoron noted) to the famous Merkle bonehead play in 1908 that ultimately tilted the pennant victory to the Cubs, thus, becoming the Cubs’ ostensible original “curse” rationale for explaining the fact that they have not won another World Series in the 117 years that have now passed since that awful-for-the-Giants day that set up Chicago for entering and winning their last World Series.

Curator Bruce Hellerstein And Friends The National Ballpark Museum Denver, Colorado

Curator Bruce Hellerstein
And Friends
The National Ballpark Museum
Denver, Colorado

Check out the site and, especially take the time to read the section tagged as “Learn More” under the “Come Visit Us” column. It’s worthwhile as an exposition of how one fan’s passion for the game, its history, and artifact collecting led him to something even bigger – a way to share that love with the world.


The Denver Bears Played At Bear Stadium ~ Right, Bill Gilbert?

The Denver Bears Played
At Bear Stadium
~ Right, Bill Gilbert?

Congratulations, curator Bruce Hellerstein. ~ It seems as though you’ve done the game of baseball and the beautiful City of Denver proud. Hope to get up there and see your place one of these days.

Regards, Bill McCurdy

The Pecan Park Eagle





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4 Responses to “The National Ballpark Museum, Denver”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Bill, the National Ballpark Museum is only a half BLOCK from Coors Field.

    The Denver Bears (and later the Denver Zephyrs) as well as the Denver Broncos played at Bear Stadium, which was expanded and later renamed Mile High Stadium.

    If you ever come to Denver, give me a call.

  2. gregclucas Says:

    Great location…just a short walk from the ballpark and on a route thousands of fans take from the bar/restaurants in the area to the park. Not a big place, but just the sort of place and location those of us who once had dreams for the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame would have loved. If in Denver, baseball fans should stop in.

  3. Dennis Corcoran Says:

    Just to let you know Bill, one of my SABR buddies, Paul Parker is the historian for the Colorado Rockies. I hope to see him in Miami for SABR 46 so I will ask him about the Baseball Park Museum.

  4. Jeff SG Says:

    My wife & I went here during a trip to Denver to see the Giants play the Rockies. This is a must see for any baseball history buff (like us)!

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