Thank you, SABR friend Tony Cavender, for this delicious story of baseball card collectors’ wish-fulfillment. The linked article speaks for itself: Here’s the first paragraph to whet your appetites, followed by the link to the full course article:

“The unattended bag found while cleaning out a great-grandparent’s home looked like trash, and it was nearly discarded. But someone decided to root through the pile of postcards and paper products, and was rewarded by finding seven baseball cards from 1909 to 1911 featuring the Hall of Fame player Ty Cobb. …. (to continue, click link)”



 eagle-0range Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Like thousands of other boys in the 1950s who bought packs of baseball cards (and promptly discarded the gum), I left home for college and found that when my family moved they threw away my collection–something about putting away childish things–but the only sound investment I ever made.

    While browsing in Bill’s Sports Collectibles in Denver, I looked over their baseball card collections, priced and roughly arranged by decades. I saw the cards I originally had in my collection and noted their current market value. After tallying a couple thousand dollars, I grew depressed at what had been lost and left the store.

  2. stanfromtacoma Says:

    I remember the Topps penny cards from 1959. For 1 cent you got a stick of gum and a baseball card. A better deal than the t206 Cobb card where you a baseball card and a product that causes cancer.

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