The Bi-Polar Bad News Bears

Meltdowns Happen.

Meltdowns Happen.


The Bi-Polar Bad News Bears are an amazing collection of short-lived manic-depressive delusions and biochemically vacillating bursts. As a team, they are an abrupt and fruitless full use of the body’s entire endorphin supply – and they do it faster than a shooting star.

Endorphins, as you may know, are the bodily substance that is essential to the incubation of “the stuff that dreams are made of” as Sam Spade so obliquely and eloquently explains them at the conclusion of “The Maltese Falcon” without actually mentioning the inherent ingredient behind the power of the carved black bird. Endorphins are the heart of pleasure in all we enjoy in life, from the pursuit of our personal passions – to the compensatory taste of joy that we sometimes find in comfort foods like ballpark hot dogs.

The problem with frequent bi-polar mood swings, from totally on and flowing to totally off and drained dry, is that the difference in behavior is always more apparent to others who know them than it is to the host person going through the rapid mood swings.

The manic or “upside” phase that drives a bi-polar endorphin flooded person on a weekend to engage in joyful, but serious consequential decisions and actions on a Saturday and they hit the mood actor like a fall to earth from a great height by Monday morning. These changes are nothing to write off as easily as a head cold.  Fortunately, bi-polar patterns are controllable with medication and therapy today.

Unfortunately, for the bi-polar patient, the piper must still be paid for the tab on harms created for him or her self and others prior to the time of getting help – and, of course, forevermore, as well.

The Bi-Polar Bad News Bears are not an attempt to overlook or make light of a serious medical condition. The following roster is simply another “made up” team of players who might be able to fill the teams with real MLB historical surnames that depict either the rise, fall, or mood state range that is possible under the influence of this condition. Only one of the members of our fantasy team is there as an actual success story survivor of the disease. As the only one here with a famous full name, he  won’t be hard to find. The rest of the players are on board because their surnames suggest some connection to bi-polar factors.

Based upon the MLB performance records of all, but our big time player, it is hard to see this club having any “up” period of significance beyond a single time at bat by our one star in about three times at bat out of ten.

Here is The Roster of the Bi-Polar Bad News Bears:

C Herman Pitz 1890 90 284 47 .165 43 9 0 39
1B Pop Joy 1884 36 130 28 .215 12 0 0
2B Juan Melo 2000 11 13 1 .077 0 1 0 0
3B John Happenny 1923 32 86 19 .221 7 10 0 0
SS Hal Quick 1939 12 41 10 .244 3 2 0 1
LF Kenny Hottman 1971 6 16 2 .125 1 0 0 0
CF Jimmy Piersall 1961 121 484 156 .322 81 40 6 8
RF Harry Dooms 1892 1 4 0 .000 0 0 0 0
DH Steve Filipowicz 1948 6 26 9 .346 0 3 0 0
LHP Jerry Upp 1909 7 4 2 2 1 1.69 12 13
RHP Dave Downs 1972 4 4 1 1 1 2,74 3 5


Our Super Bowl Biases ~

Have a fun Super Bowl Sunday, everybody! NFL football may not be MLB baseball, but the game today is a lot more exciting than anything that NBA basketball, NHL hockey, or whatever they call the professional soccer league has to offer. Let’s see Peyton Manning go out with a win today that ties him with brother Eli Manning of the Giants at two Super Bowl wins each. ~ We also would enjoy seeing Denver Head Coach Gary Kubiak and Denver Defense Coach Wade Phillips show what they could have done here in Houston, if only the Texans had not passed on Peyton Manning in 2012 because they already had a QB by the name of Matt Schaub. – We offer that support in spite of the fact that Gary Kubiak himself was in favor of going with Schaub and not signing Manning during that latter period of his tenure as head coach of the Texans. We assume that everything that has happened since that time has seriously corrected the judgment of Gary Kubiak on the value of having even an “old” Peyton Manning as his team’s QB.

Here’s my Sunday Morning Prediction: Denver 27 – Carolina 17.


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One Response to “The Bi-Polar Bad News Bears”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    The photo at the top of the column is from the movie, “Fear Strikes Out,” based on Jimmy Piersall’s biography. The writing, directing, and acting are superb, but Anthony Perkins is not believable as a professional baseball player.

    Some of us here in Denver refer to the Broncos as the Houston Texans North. I lived in the same dorm as Wade Phillips, when he played at UH. If as they say, “defenses win championships,” then a Broncos win in the Super Bowl will be a tribute to his great talent as a defensive coordinator. Go Broncos!

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