Nine Big Factors in a New MLB GM Job Offer

Baseball Season Thoughts on a Winter Day

Baseball Season Thoughts on a Winter Day


As a baseball fan student of the subject, it has occurred to me that certain factors are key to the decision any general manager candidate may need to consider before accepting a job with any major league club.

If you are such a candidate, consider accepting the General Manager job, if:

  1. The club is already on the way to getting younger, not older, at the time you will start.
  2. The minor league system talent pool you will inherit is not completely dry.
  3. Ownership wants you to develop a club that can win it all; not to merely do enough to make the fans only think the club is trying to win, while you really are trying only hard enough to help the club afford a lower cost team that wins enough to keep the gate healthy.
  4. Ownership of the club (most of the time) will let you run the ship and stay out of the way.
  5. Think long and hard about taking a job with a late George Steinbrenner prototype owner, unless you don’t mind being fired and rehired routinely anytime “the boss” is in a bad mood – and you clearly understand going into the job that eventually you will be fired for “cause” and gone for good.
  6. A reputation for winning is strong with the interviewing club; be wary of jobs with clubs that haven’t won a World Series since 1908.
  7. Your team salary budget is big enough to acquire or sign a few star players.
  8. You are free to hire a field manager who will not try to do your job or resent you for taking a lot of credit for any success the team enjoys on the field.
  9. The big bucks you get for doing your job well are big enough to float your life style requirements.

But that’s not all. – The Pecan Park Eagle would love for the rest of you to submit your own recommendations by comment below on what you think a GM candidate should consider on his or her way to a new MLB GM job.


Cows & Bulls & Bluebonnets.


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