1930: Year of the Liveliest Baseball

1931: The Rabbit is Pulled from the Baseball Habit Victoria Advocate February 22, 1931 Cartoon Found By Darrell Pittman

1931: The Rabbit is Pulled from the Baseball Habit
Victoria Advocate
February 22, 1931
Cartoon Found By
Darrell Pittman


1930 is remembered by most of the game’s historians as the year of the liveliest baseball ever used in the big leagues. It came and went, however, without anyone in baseball officially taking responsibility for its coming and going after one season, and without it ever being an event that simply happened suddenly and then disappeared completely in 1931. The evidence of power baseball history tells us that it came over time in the fifteen years or so that preceded 1930, and that it never truly disappeared from the game to this day in 2016.

Had powerball disappeared totally after 1930, it is unlikely that Hall of Fame managers like Earl Weaver would ever have succeeded on his path to greatness with his implicit, but clear advice to table-setter hitters: “Get on base. Don’t steal. Wait for one of the big fellows to hit a home run.”

Of course, the 1968 “Year of the Pitcher”, starring Hall of Fame great Bob Gibson, did serve strongly as a pause button on power hitting – enough to bring about change in the lowered height of the pitching mound as an aid to batters in 1969, but power wasn’t going away, even if all the pitchers showed up as clones of Gibson that year. Crushed extra base hits and home runs were the fodder that put fannies in the seats of big league parks – and not the, 1-0, 1968 All Star Game model that MLB rolled out in Houston in the Astrodome.

Back up. How bad was the offensive balance in 1930? We could be here all night. Or you could. By simply following the road map provided at this link, you will be able to see and read for yourself what it was like. For me, the always remembered fact that the last place National League team, the Philadelphia Phillies, put up a .315 team batting average in 1930 – and still finished in the cellar with 102 losses – always has served as my anchor to the identity of that bombastic, but crazy-results season.


To the best of our knowledge, the big leaguers of 1930 had no HGH assistance or anything else from the biochemical future to aid them in their everyday bombings.

~ Hurry up, 2016 Baseball Season! Some of us are running out of windows to look out of in our wait for you!


Play Ball!

Play Ball!





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