The All Time Single Season HR Team

"Hey, Kid! This is pretty tough club when a guy like me can only break into the lineup as a pitcher!" ~Babe Ruth

“Hey, Kid! This is a pretty tough club when a guy like me can only break into the lineup as a pitcher!” ~Babe Ruth

When we put together the starting lineup for the best home run hitting club in MLB history by position, including pitcher and designated hitter, one factor jumps in front of anyone who has followed the game for the past half century with totally clarity. – The members of the club who are also steroids-suspects are absolutely clear and obvious among the total ten players on the list. – Did everyone else get “4” on their first count from top to bottom?

In fact, the first three men on the homers per season list are all poster boys for the first wave of scandal noted. Then later came the cranky Yankee who claimed he wasn’t lying when he seemed to be. Also notable, and well-known, is the fact that all these guys may as well be racing a snowball on its way to the gates of hell as they chase their dreams for induction into the Hall f Fame. It isn’t happening for the same men that Time Magazine credited for saving baseball in 1998 from the unrelenting stench of the 1994 season in which the hardball business wars between management and labor resulted in the abbreviation of the schedule and the first cancellation of a World Series in ninety years.

And now, in 2016, yesterday’s 1998 home run heroes are today’s bums as far as the BBWAA voters and an apparent majority of baseball fans are concerned. What happened to us, folks, did we all just make a minor regression to our childhood comic book days for the sake of hailing McGwire and Sosa as the second coming of Batman and Robin? If we did, it simply follows from there that Time Magazine bit into the same pack of baseball card bubble gum.

Home Runs
Single Season Leaders
in Home Runs By Position
Johnny Bench, C 45 1970 Cincinnati Reds NL 118 tied
Hank Greenberg, 1B 58 1938 Detroit Tigers AL 11 tied
Rogers Hornsby, 2B 42 1922 St. Louis Cardinals NL 191 tied
Jimmie Foxx, 3B 58 1932 Philadelphia Athletics AL 10
Alex Rodriguez, SS 57 2002 Texas Rangers AL 14 tied
Barry Bonds, LF 73 2001 San Francisco Giants NL 1
Sammy Sosa, CF 66 1998 Chicago Cubs NL 3
Roger Maris, RF 61 * 1961 New York Yankees AL 7
Mark McGwire, DH 70 1998 St. Louis Cardinals NL 2
Babe Ruth, P-OF  29  1919  Cleveland Indians  AL (1 as P)
  • We mainly gave Roger Maris a 61 with asterisk because, over the years, we have forgotten how to write that one number any other way. That’s OK. At least, the 1961 version of Roger Maris may be in shape enough to spell Sosa in center after he makes his first long run. And if need be, we’ve also got Ruth as a guy whose career 714 homers and 60 in 1927 are both good enough to get him into  some outfield duty too.

We picked Ruth as our pitcher based on his then MLB record (for any hitter) 29 in 1919 and 49 total during his six years (1914-19) as a member of the Red Sox. We know that in Boston he played some outfield too, especially in 1919, but he still pitched enough to qualify for this special club. Many sources prefer to list right handed Wes Ferrell of the 1931 Cleveland Indians as the pure pitching HR-hitting leader with 9 taters for that season. Ferrell also had 38 career HR for the pure-pitching lead in long balls for his position. Heck, we could add him as our right-handed alternative to the Babe as a second pitcher for big power club.

As per usual, these little exercises are simply part of the way we spend our staring-out-the-window-winter-time at the Pecan Park Eagle, awaiting the sounds and sights and sweet smells of another baseball spring.

Have a nice Tuesday, everybody!


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