KC’s Last NFL Playoff Win Came in Houston

Joe Montana, QB Kansas City Chiefs, 2003

Joe Montana, QB
Kansas City Chiefs, 2003


The last Kansas Chiefs NFL Playoff win? It happened here 22 years ago, on January 16, 1994, in the Astrodome, against the old version of the Tennessee Titans we used to embrace as the “Luv Ya Blue” Houston Oilers. By this time, the team originally known as the Dallas Texans had long since abandoned that allegiance to the Lone Star State in favor of a politically incorrect identity of themselves as Native Americans on the western border of Missouri and Kansas.

With Joe Montana lighting his final puff of flames as an NFL quarterback, these KC Chiefs pushed their rally buttons hard enough that day to push themselves past QB Warren Moon and the Oilers by a score of 28-20, advancing themselves to a game against the Buffalo Bills  next weekend for the American Conference spot in the 1994 Super Bowl.

1/16/94 1ST Q   2ND Q   3RD Q   4TH Q   FINAL
CHIEFS 0   0   7   21 ~ 28
OILERS 10   0   0   10 ~ 20

After trailing 10-0 at half time, Montana pulled out his professional Houston spoiler script in the second half, leading the Chiefs to 21 points in the 4th quarter and a come-from-behind 28-20 victory over the forever frustrated home boys. Montana had celebrated his last college game in the 1979 Cotton Bowl, bring the Notre Dame Fighting Irish back from a 34-14 deficit with 7:30 to go on a sub-zero frozen tundra for a 35-34 Irish win on the last play of the game. Now, here he was again, 15 years later, and nearing the end of his professional career, about to reprise a less dramatic, but painfully remindful comeback against Houston’s “Dukes of Delusion,” the Oilers.

Montana completed 22 of 38 passes on the day for 288 yards and 3 touchdowns. Moon of the Oilers, meanwhile, suffered 9 sacks, while Oilers 1,002 yards in 1993 season rusher Gary Brown was held in check by the KCD to 17 rushing yards on 11 carries.

The Chiefs would lose to the Bills at Buffalo the following week, missing the Super Bowl, but starting a string of 8 playoff losses. From all we now read, the current KC Chiefs are hoping that their 9th try since their last playoff win will be blessed by one more successful shot against a Houston team, and the same club the beat to start the 2015 season, the Houston Texans.

My adult son, Casey (ne Neal), “The Shaman of Superstition”, has a little different take on the significance of the number “9” in this instance. Casey says, “Since this game day is the 9th of January, that number is mostly likely simply lining up to imprint itself for the ages as KC’s 9th playoff loss n a row.” – Good thinking, son!

Come on, Texans! Beat the Chiefs and keep on winning! Even we Astros baseball fans could use a little entertainment as we spend the rest of our winter days staring out the window – awaiting glorious spring and the start of the 2016 baseball season. – And speaking of the number “9”. – We are those fans who prefer 9 innings and 9 players on the field at one time in our game.






One Response to “KC’s Last NFL Playoff Win Came in Houston”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    I hoping for wins by Houston and Cinncinnati, so the Broncos can host the Texans in the Division Round here in Denver. Since the Oilers left Houston, my favorite teams in order are (1) the Broncos, (2) the Texans, and (3) Whoever is playing the Tennessee Titans.

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