1963-64 Colt .45 “Skinny” Brown Dies

Hal "Skinny Brown pitched for the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox, the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees, and Houston Colt .45s (1951-1964).

Hal “Skinny Brown pitched for the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox, the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees, and Houston Colt .45s (1951-1964).


Thanks to an alert from Darrell Pittman of Astros Daily.com, The Pecan Park Eagle notes the passing of Hall “Skinny” Brown last Thursday, December 17, 2015 at age 91 in Greensboro, NC. Brown was a right-handed veteran knuckleballer who worked the last 2 years of his 14 seasons in the big leagues with the Houston Colt .45s. Skinny wasn’t a member of the original first year 1962 team, but he got there in time to see his final two seasons translate into a career losing record of 85 wins and 92 losses. His two-year record of 8 wins and 26 losses for the Colt .45s were the difference between Brown retiring with a losing rather than winning mark at age 39.

Rest in Peace, Skinny Brown! And thank you for your service to the establishment of Major League Baseball in Houston, even if the poor support you were given most often brought the roof down on your knuckle-balling head. Every great battle in life produces its casualties and your record here was one of those unfortunate consequences.

Here’s a link to an excellent obituary article on the career and death of Harold “Skinny” Brown at Greensboro.com


And here are two additional links to coverage given to Hal Brown at Astros Daily.com:






4 Responses to “1963-64 Colt .45 “Skinny” Brown Dies”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    What a great tribute at Greensboro.com!

    I read that he gave his first bonus to his parents to replace their outhouse with a bathroom & then at the bottom of the page I saw a link to an article about Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina buying a $2.2 million mansion. Times sure have changed.

    Kudos to Hal Brown for a life well-lived.

  2. Mark W Says:


  3. Cliff Blau Says:

    Skinny Brown pinch-ran quite a bit in his younger days- 25 times in 1952.

  4. emmettmcauliffe Says:

    RIP the skin-man. Marv Cerv is now the oldest Colt .45/Astro at age 90. Cerv served the Colt .45s for a little over a month in 1962. But he was an ex-All-Star who hit .357 in the 1960 World Series.

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