1969: UH Cougars 41 – Florida State 13.


Media rumblings out of Florida State territory today suggest that many of the Seminole fans are underwhelmed by their club’s pairing with our Houston Cougars in the New Year’s Eve morning Peach Bowl, but that’s OK, we Cougar fans sort of understand where they are coming from. We are moving toward a stronger schedule at UH, but that energy by itself won’t stop the nose-thumbing at our season win totals until it happens, but, again, it’s not likely to reach the quality point we want it to be either until we act, play, pay, impress, and earn again our way into one of five power conferences.

UH sports and our fans have paid a big price for the political sandbagging we took from the moves that blocked our transition to the Big 12 Conference after the 1995 final season of the old Southwest Conference, but we have survived and gotten real to what it is going to take to get back to where we once were and still very much belong by merit in collegiate sports, representing Houston, our university, our city, and our community’s first class aims for tomorrow.

Those who underestimate Coach Herman and the 2015 Cougars on the field, or UH in general, are either too young to recall our history with Florida State – or else – too caught up in the dementia of aging to remember our UH history with Florida State on the gridiron – or even more importantly – they haven’t seen the current Cougars play.

UH neither gets nor expects any of its aspirations to be realized by history or entitlement. We expect to earn our way, but without dragging along other people’s wrong ideas or poor memory of what we’ve shown are our capacities over the years.

UH has not played Florida State in 37 years, but their home and away record against the Seminoles in 16 games played between 1960 and 1978 shows the Cougars acquitting themselves very well. The UH edge is canyon-sized on the victory side with the Cougars winning 12, losing only 2, and playing out 2 ties in the pre-overtime days.

This site, which you may enjoy using to find the results in any series record between any two college teams, also shows some other details about the UH-FSU history:


Houston won their most recent game with Florida State, 27-21, on November 30, 1978, bu that too is all there not here.

For now, I’m among those who are delighted with any level of light regard the FSU coaches, team, or fans care to throw the Cougars’ way. We will gladly take all the bulletin board material in the realization that no matter how the game actually turns out, 2015 already is in the books as a successful turn of good fortune for our beloved University of Houston.

Winning the Peach Bowl, if it is to be, would be the icing on the cake for Cougar Nation.

Here’s a table on the 1969 Cougar football season, one of the those years in which we handled Florida State pretty handily. After stumbling at the gate and losing their first two games, the pre-season ranked #7 Cougars rolled up 8 straight wins during the season before rolling Auburn 36-7 in the 1969 Bluebonnet Bowl. Bill Yeoman’s Veer offense was in high gear that year, with sophomore QB Gary Mullins leading the way and WR Elmo Wright keeping the defenses honest with his speed and reception talents. The 1969 Cougars ended the bowl season with a 9-2 record, ranked # 12 in the AP and #14 in the Coaches’ Poll.

1969 Houston Cougars Football Season Results

SEP 20 FLORIDA # 7 AWAY L 59-34 53,807
OCT 11 ARIZONA AWAY W 34-17 32,800
OCT 18 Open Date
OCT 25 #17 MISSISSIPPI DOME W 25-11 48,049
NOV 01 MIAMI DOME ABC W 38-36 25,498
NOV 08 TULSA AWAY W 47-14 17,750
NOV 15 NORTH CAROLINA ST #18 DOME W 34-13 31,000
NOV 22 WYOMING #19 DOME W 41-14 35,389
NOV 29 FLORIDA STATE #18 DOME W 41-13 36,508
32-Day Pre-Bowl Days
DEC 31 #12 AUBURN #17 DOME HTN W 36-7 55,203
Post-Season #12 AP

Those crowds were pretty good for UH in that era – as was the name-brand of most teams on the Cougar schedule seven years prior to  their first 1976 first season in the SWC. Also note the absence of television support. The game with Miami was their only coverage by ABC and, remember too, that pretty much was all that everyone in the country got back in those pre-ESPN Saturdays in the fall. You simply got to see the more powerful schools more than once – but one game televised on Saturday, if memory serves. And with no social media fracking attention spans back then, the only way other people could learn about your club was through the second-hand tales of those who did attend your team’s games or write about them with varied skill and interest in the sports pages.

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