Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning


COSTELLO: “Hey, Abbott! Do you know who’s running for mayor in Houston?”
ABBOTT: “Yes, I do! Who’s a good man!”

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

  1. If a certain candidate for Mayor of Houston is elected in November, “Abbott and Costello” will be governing the State of Texas and its largest city in 2016.
  2. If “Tal’s Hill” is such a terrible threat to the health of center fielders at Minute Maid Park, why hasn’t a single one of them suffered any serious harm beyond an ego bruise in the sixteen full season years of its existence to date?
  3. Gene Elston was the original voice of our Houston MLB franchise from 1962 through 1986 and a Ford Frick Award winner. Milo Hamilton was with the Houston club from 1986 until his 2015 death and the second voice of the Astros from 1987 to 2015. Milo also earned the Hall of Fame’s Ford Frick Award for broadcasters. The two men died recently, only 12 days apart. – Why is it then that only Milo was honored with the “MH” placement of his initials on the team’s uniforms for the balance of the season? – Is “GE” protected from use as the trademark property of General Electric? – Or did Gene Elston simply make his contribution to the team’s history so far back in the past that it no longer matters that he was not equally remembered by the Astros on a level with Milo Hamilton?
  4. Friday night’s televised mayoral candidates debate was encouraging. All the candidates seemed to be in favor of fixing the potholes; greater fiscal accountability; reducing crime; improving mass transportation; attracting new business and industry to the community; creating greater employment diversity opportunity for everyone; while reducing taxes that have chased many lost taxpayers to the suburbs beyond Houston’s city limits. – Based on the promises, it looks like we can’t go wrong with anyone we may happen to elect.
  5. At the mayor’s race TV debate, candidate Sylvester Turner expressed it best when he said: “If we can dream it – we can do it!” … Or maybe it was “if we can do it – we can live in a dream” – or something like that. Whatever it was, it sounded pretty good.
  6. The Astros’ 2015 progress in 2015 has fully re-lighted our hopes for a Houston World Series in the next two-years. The progress, of course, doesn’t guarantee that our Astros will earn their way that far in 2016 or 2017, but it does assure us of one thing: The cost of our hope is going to be more expensive at the game ticket office in 2016 – and especially for season ticket holders.
  7. I’m now pulling for the Cubs to break their 1908 drought this year and get that onerous failure to prolong the curse on to the backs of either the Royals or the Blue Jays. When the Astros go for their first World Series win, hopefully very soon, we don’t need the Cubs to lose this year and set up our Astros to be the same team that performs that same jinx-breaking service for the other team from the Chicago north side too.. We already took care of helping the White Sox break their 1919 Black Sox Scandal curse and the effect it had upon keeping the Pale Hose from winning the World Series since 1917. By allowing the White Sox to sweep them in 2005, the Astros got to be the patsy that helped them break the south side jinx. We want no part of the Astros doing that same favor for Chicago twice!

The morning’s over. That’s all I’ve got – for now, anyway.-  Have a restful rest of this Sunday, friends.

Bill McCurdy

The Pecan Park Eagle




2 Responses to “Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    My only fear about the Cubs winning the World Series is that Cubs fans would become as insufferable as Red Sox fans have become. Prior to 2004, I had sympathy for the Red Sox and their fans, but now I wish they were still under the curse of the Bambino.

    It might be best if the Cubs remained lovable losers.

  2. Shirley Virdon Says:

    Bill, Thanks for remembering Gene Elston and HIS many contributions through the years to bring Astros Baseball to “life” via radio and TV. He was a quiet, gentle man with unbelievable knowledge of the game we love and was blessed with a voice that was perfect for broadcasting baseball games! He certainly deserves recognition by the people he served for so many years! Rest In Peace, dear friend, Gene.

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