Bill Gilbert’s Playoff Observations – 2015

Baseball Analyst Bill Gilbert's First Comments on the 2015 MLB Playoffs.

Baseball Analyst Bill Gilbert’s First Comments on the 2015 MLB Playoffs.

Bill Gilbert’s Playoff Observations – 2015

~ Only one AL team (Kansas City) that was in that league’s playoffs in 2014 is back in the AL playoffs in 2015.

~ The first four post-season games played this year were won by the visiting team, three of them by teams from Texas.

~ The two wild card play in games were both won by the second wild card team behind the shutout pitching of Cy Young Award candidates, Dallas Keuchel and Jake Arrieta.

~ I wonder if Jason Castro has a vision problem. He swings and misses at an alarming rate.

~ The Astros lost both of their long time broadcasters and Ford Frick Award winners Gene Elston and Milo Hamilton, in September.  They chose to honor Hamilton by wearing his initials on their jerseys in the playoffs but did not do the same for Elston. Not good.

~ The scheduling for the Division Series could be improved. The American league teams played their 4th games before the National League teams played their 3rd.

~ All four of the underdog teams in the Division Series (Cubs, Mets, Rangers, Astros) were up two games to one with a clinching game 4 in their home parks.  Only the Cubs took advantage but the Mets won Game 5. The Rangers and Astros were eliminated by losing games 5 and 6.

~ The Astros definitely need a flame throwing relief pitcher who can get a strikeout in key situations. Remember Billy Wagner and Brad Lidge?

~ In a 5-game series with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke starting 4 of the games, the Dodgers should win. They didn’t.

Bill Gilbert



One Response to “Bill Gilbert’s Playoff Observations – 2015”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    A NLCS without St. Louis is a good thing. I was suffering from Cardinals fatigue.

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