As Time Goes By

“Shut up, Miles! I know the Astros lost to KC, but you have to pull yourself together and take it like a man! Besides, we work in San Francisco – and we can ill afford it for the word to get around that we are both really closet Astros fans! Our Giants clients would ditch us faster than all the dames we try to hustle do now.”


 (Singable to the melody from “As Time Goes By”)

 By Bill McCurdy

It’s still the same old story,

A fight to win – that’s gory,

In which – we always die,

The fundamental things go wrong,

… And Houston – cries!

Moon shot – for two runs,

Great to – start the game,

Then it all – ends up,

Pretty much – the same,

We want to win once,

But winning’s – not our thing,

… That no one – can deny!

But we’ll go back to – square one,

This year was such a – fun run,

Our hopes will rise again!

That we will see the Astros – win one,

… As time goes by!


2 Responses to “As Time Goes By”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    In regard to rooting for the Astros, I recalled two lines from an old song by The Who : “Then I’ll get down on my knees and pray /We don’t get fooled again.”

    Or, to use a saying that has become a cliche: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. How many times have the Astros fooled us over the years? Shame on me for thinking they were headed to the ALCS when they led 6-2 after 7 innings of game four. (Yogi truly was a sage, wasn’t he? It’s over now ).

  2. strider49Rob Says:

    Your wit scores another home run

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