Code Blue: Cubs Reach Next Round First

Cubs Fan at MMP in 2009 Six years later, the Cubs are still counting.

Cubs Fan at MMP in 2009
Six years later, the Cubs are still counting.

It happened within ten minutes of 7:00 PM, CDT, Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs finished off a 6-4 win over the St. Louis Cardinals to take their NLDS match by a 3 wins to 1 measure, becoming the first club in the four-game, two-league playoff process to move on to the next round of play in both the NL and AL. At this writing, the Mets host the Dodgers tonight, leading their series, 2-1, with a chance take the other NL spot in the NLCS in opposition to the Cubs.

Barring weather problems, the ALDS pairings are both tied at 2-2 and will be decided tomorrow, Wednesday, when the Blue Jays host the Rangers in the afternoon at Toronto and the Royals entertain the Astros in Kansas City. We Astros fans will only hope that the Royals’ view of “entertainment” is not fulfilled again as it was in Houston yesterday when our Astros team and all of us Astros fans had to settle for a loss that came in the form of a royal shaft to all our brief 7th inning joy by way of an 8th inning Houston nightmare collapse of legendary proportions.

Speaking of legends, this is Tuesday night. No one should be jealous – or too angry at the Cubs tonight – for what they accomplished against the Cardinals this afternoon. Remember – this is the pretty darn good 2015 team of the franchise that hasn’t won a World Series since 19-friggin’-08!

Do you have any working idea of how long ago that was in approximate terms?

2015-1908 = 107 years!

107 years = 1,296 months!

1,296 months = 38,880 weeks!

38,880 weeks = 272,160 days!

272,160 days = 6,531,840 hours!

My calculator cannot perform the further math that reduces our answer into how many minutes and seconds have passed since the Cubs won the 1908 World Series, but it has been way more than a minor moment of nervous impatience. The next time someone in the family tells you to “wait a minute” as they are dressing for some kind of occasion you are both planning to attend together, have a little patience as you try to remember: In Chicago Cubs terms, “waiting a minute” is not an outrageous request.

As a fan of the game, I wold love to see the Cubs break their World Series drought, As an Astros fan, however, I do not want to see them do it against our club. Because of our unique circumstantial league change, the Astros are in a position to do something that no other club could ever do – since we already have fulfilled the first essential part:

In 2005, as the NL champions, the Astros helped the Chicago White Sox to break the “Black Sox Curse” that had kept the club from winning a World Series since 1917. The Pale Hose defeated the Astros, 4 games to none, to take the 2005 World Series jinx-breaker.

Now, scary as it sounds, for at least another 24 hours, barring a loss tomorrow night in Kansas City, the Astros are still on track to possibly be the AL representative in the World Series – and that’s a desirable goal in one clear respect – the Astros would become the first MLB club to play in the World Series as a representative of both leagues. Of course, we could never become the first team to win a World Series as a representative of both leagues by virtue of the fact that we blew our one NL chance to win when we got bounced by the Sox in 2005.

But the door remains open for the Astros, pending tomorrow’s results in KC, that the Astros could still become the club that helps both Chicago clubs remove their special curses, regardless of their sources. We want no part of that distinction.

So, what am I saying?

  1. I am hoping the Astros will beat the Royals tomorrow – then hopeful they will knock off the Rangers/Blue Jays winner for the AL pennant – and then defeat whomever represents the NL in the 2015 World Series. Our Astros franchise World Series remorse is ever bit as justifiable as that of the Cubs. The differences are clear: (a) the Cubs mourn 1908; the Astros don’t even have a past World Series win to mourn; and, (b) the Astros and their fans don’t simply show up at the park to celebrate being “lovable losers” as the Cub fans do – and we never will!
  2. If the Astros survive KC, I would prefer to see the Astros beat up on the Mets as a payback for 1986, but I would secondly enjoy beating the Dodgers for 1981 and all those other times they made it hard on the Astros in the NL West.
  3. If we have to play the Cubs, then the Pecan Park Eagle says: “Beat ‘Em, Astros! Extend that World Series hibernation into its 109th year, but let the Cubbies come back to break their jinx in a year the Astros are not there too as their AL opponent.

Keep thinking orange, Astros fans – no matter what happens Wednesday night of this week.




2 Responses to “Code Blue: Cubs Reach Next Round First”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    Three curses have the potential to be broken this year: the curse of the billy goat (Cubs), the curse of the gun smoke ghost (your name for the Astros’ curse), or the curse of the alligator arm (my name for the Rangers’ postseason misfortunes – think Nelson Cruz in the bottom of the 9th in 2011 WS game six).

    Let’s hope that the one broken is the one that will make Astros fans curse the least.

    Go Astros!

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 1908, Mark Twain was still alive and they still haven’t won a World Series in their “new” ballpark, but as George Will once wrote, “Hey, anybody can have a bad century.”

    Go ‘Stros. Beat Kansas City Wednesday night.

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