Rangers Still Holding the Catbird Seat

rare photo of an actual catbird

rare photo of an actual catbird

In spite of Saturday’s Six Astros homers and 9-7, stop-the-bleeding win over the Rangers, the boys from North Texas still hold their smiling spot in the “catbird seat” as probable winners of he AL West champions ticket into the 2015 AL playoffs for a World Series table for two.

With seven games left, including a final road game against the Astros today at Minute Maid Park, the Texas Rangers hold a 3.5 game lead over our Houston heroes. The sudden improbability that their second place intrastate rivals will suddenly become one of the hottest six-game road teams in history as the Rangers also discover that their own kind of winning momentum is like the thousand pound rock, rolling down hill. – How often do fast rolling half-ton rocks suddenly reverse directions going down the hill on their red hot dates with Mama Gravity? – Only those who recall the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers know the answer to that question.

Going into Sunday’s game, the Astros need to again beat the Rangers in their final meeting of the season just to stay ahead of the Angels and Twins for that second wild card spot and a chance to knock off the Yankees, the higher ranked wild card holder, for a full spot in the four club AL Division Series against either the Blue Jays or Rangers, who are now both tied for the best record in the AL.

That route won’t be any easy-go for the Astros, but worthwhile ambition ever is?

It’s time to do as old Bidge used to always remind us Astros fans. We need to take each game left, one day at a time, as the only game that needs to be won – and then just do it. The Angels and Twins are going to be nipping at the Astros all the way over the next week – and not from an anterior perspective. Unless the Astros are able to heed and fulfill the wisdom of Craig Biggio, and A.J. Hinch too, for sure, they are only a loss today, coupled by an Angels win, into becoming just one of the posterior-biting desperado clubs themselves.

On this Sunday morning, the Astros are only a (0.5) half-game up on the Angels – and a (1.5) game and one-half up on the Twins.

Well, let’s be honest, the Astros, Angels, and Twins are all desperado clubs this week. The only difference is, as all Houston fans know – is that the Astros held a lease on first place in the AL West for almost the entire 2015 season. – Much to our deflation, however, they just forgot to renew the deal to include September.

By the way, if you are interested in that od expression, “in the catbird seat,” here’s an interesting note about it from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary site:

“In the catbird seat” was among the numerous folksy expressions that legendary baseball broadcaster Red Barber used to delight listeners. Some say he invented the expression; others say that he dug it up from his Southern origins. But the truth may be far stranger than those rumors. In a 1942 short story titled “The Catbird Seat,” James Thurber featured a character, Mrs. Barrows, who liked to use the phrase. Another character, Joey Hart, explained that Mrs. Barrows must have picked up the expression from Red Barber. To Red, according to Joey, “sitting in the catbird seat” meant “‘sitting pretty,’ like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him.” But, according to Barber’s daughter, it was only after Barber read Thurber’s story that he started using “in the catbird seat” himself.



PS: At The Pecan Park Eagle, we are still working without a replacement plan for new column notices now that the faceless, human-less, and gutless Google has shut us down by categorizing our mass email Bcc notices as Spam. In the meanwhile, please feel free to just check into the site on your own to see if there is any new material you may have missed. A publication deadline and another minor health issue of the past week has also intervened to cut down our normal daily production, but we will be back soon. Thanks for both your loyalty and your patience. – Bill McCurdy.



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One Response to “Rangers Still Holding the Catbird Seat”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    I guess you’re telling us that Google is currently in the catbird’s seat and you’re going to have to take it one column at a time. Go Astros!


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