Confessions of a Latter Day St. Patrick

Tom Keefe of Spokane ans the Eddie Gaedel Society as Saint Patrick, 2013.

Tom Keefe of Spokane
and the Eddie Gaedel Society as Saint Patrick.

Synchronicity moves in mysterious ways.

Last night I received that unexplained photo of Larry and Kathleen Miggins at home with The Pope. There was an easy story to decipher behind that one, which we already have figured out and handled in our column of hours ago, “Larry Miggins’ Surprise 90th Birthday Guest.”

The spiritual beat rolls on. This morning, I discovered this photo in our home mail box of Gaedel Society President Tom Keefe, exhorting me as Saint Patrick in a picture taken on St. Patty’s Day, 2015 – in front of O’Doherty’s Irish Grille and Bar in Spokane – to hurry up and get well on Guinness. – My life experience with alcohol long ago taught me that booze, for me, does far more to stir up the serpents of temptation than it does to round them up and drive them out – but I, nonetheless, appreciate the caring intent of Good Man Tom Keefe – no matter what. – You are truly a good man and new good friend, Mr. Keefe!

Although he may not realize it, Tom Keefe is giving me the “Eat ‘Em Up, Cougars” hand sign in his depiction of St. Patrick. As an alumnus of the University of Houston, that stirring expression is appreciated, whether it was intentional, or not.

The inscription on the back of the photo, featured below, explains the Reverend Mr. Keefe’s authentic appearance as Saint Patrick in Spokane. You probably will have to magnify the script in the photo to read it all, but it should be worth the effort.

Thanks, Tom! – And have a great trip to the Browns luncheon in St. Louis!




One Response to “Confessions of a Latter Day St. Patrick”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Bill, I enjoyed a chuckle this morning when I read your reference to St. Patrick (Tom Keefe) flashing the UH hand sign. I hope you let him know what he had done–intentional or not.

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