Deep Time By Rob Sangster is Great Read


Deep Time found its breath in Ground Truth. Now its principal character lives on to fight another day of compelling, fast-moving story action, with much of it darkly unfolding in a literal ocean of mystery and intrigue. Jack Strider quickly arises again as the character-to-care-about, as he did in Ground Truth. Now he surfaces in Deep Time, this time, from the ocean’s great unknown, with all its ancient fears of the deep, and some new ones to consider, as well.

Jaws gave us the teeth of the monster to worry about; – Deep Time gives us the minds of men to fear.

The pace is wonderful, the plot reaches the mind-numbing scary level, and the cast of characters are so real that they once more scratch that primordial wish that many of us share for the triumph of good over evil. Congratulations to the author on another “can’t-put-it-down” masterful job of dangerous plot writing.

Rob Sangster is the best new “undiscovered” mystery/suspense writer in America” today. – Deep Time should be the cure for that issue.

~ Bill McCurdy, The Pecan Park Eagle, a NetGalley.Com Review, July 2015


Check out a previous Pecan Park Eagle column, Ground Truth: By Rob Sangster at the following link:

ROB SANGSTER TODAY! Living Proof That Age is Just a Number!

Living Proof That Age is Just a Number!

Back in the fall of 1955, neither of us could see the unfolding of the different paths our lives were about to take beyond St. Thomas High School, but our choices of universities may have been the first hint. Rob headed for Stanford in the fall of 1956. I took the Gulf Freeway to UH. – Rob found the river that rolled through law school. My stream carried me into the world of psychology and a lifetime of clinical mental health work.-  Rob’s life spanned the mountaintops of the globe and literally carried him to the seven wonders of the world. I remained in Houston as one of those who found awe in the Eighth Wonder of the World. – Rob has ended up living a half year at his home on the Nova Scotia coastline and the other six months at a second home in Memphis. I’m still a 12-months a year, 24/7, one house Houstonian.

In spite of these differences in our life scripts, the writing waters that started for both of us as reporters for the St. Thomas High School Eagle in Houston have swept both of us back together in contact through the Internet. I could not be happier to have my old Eagle brother and fellow writer back in my life.

And, just a note to all of our other St. Thomas classmates. – Rob would dearly love to hear from all of you who care to write. His e-mail address is

I guess the signs of Rob’s adventurous life-to-come were there at St. Thomas back in the day. I remember looking across the aisle at Rob during Civics class once as we all practiced endurance at a monotone lecture after lunch on organizational structure. I thought Rob was taking notes until I took a closer look at the elaborate four-letter script he had finished composing in favor of heavy embossing the thing in bold black ink reinforcement.

It read: “Chairman of the Bored”.

Hope all of you will consider purchasing “Deep Time” through Amazon.Com. You will be in for a super cool introduction to the most unforgettable ongoing fictional hero since Travis McGee. His name is Jack Strider, but he moves with all the same worldly mental and physical high energy as his creator, a fellow named Rob Sangster.


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