Many a Hit Has to Fall – But It’s All – In the Game

Many a Hit Has to Fall – But It’s All – In the Game

a parody of Tommy Edwards’ classic hit, “It’s All in the Game”

by Bill McCurdy

Many a hit – has to fall – to stand tall – in the game

All in the wonderful game – with bat, ball – and glove


When your team – can’t win – and the schedule’s – looking dim

That’s the time – your heart must rise – above


Soon wins may be – by your side – if you don’t – change shirts

Wear the same socks everyday – til the smell – flat hurts


Lady Luck’s – your friend – if you humor her – to every end

Then the balls – will fall – your way



2 Responses to “Many a Hit Has to Fall – But It’s All – In the Game”

  1. Patrick Lopez Says:

    Danced to that tune at the ST. Thomas sock hop

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Yes, you did, Patrick, as did a few others of us. That song inspired some of the sweetest dreams that either came true, or else, fell apart into a lifetime of unstoppable heartache. – It is good to hear from you, my friend.

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