Baseball HOF Yearbook for 2015 Is Now Available

The Hall of Fame 2015 Yearbook Is Now Available.

The Hall of Fame
2015 Yearbook
Is Now Available.


Plans at Cooperstown for the 2015 Hall of Fame Induction Class are building steam. My membership copy of the 144 page “2015 Yearbook”, featuring full layouts in words and pictures of the 2015 Class (Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz) arrived by mail yesterday – and it also included nice summary profile information, that included their year of induction, for all members of “The Hall” – plus ample information on how anyone who plans to make the trip this year in support of Craig Biggio, any of the others, or simply, to show their love for the great game of baseball can be there too this summer as an observer-participant of this very special inclusion of the first pure-blood inductee from the Houston Astros.

While you are visiting the HOF website, give some thought to becoming a supportive member of this very worthwhile 501 C (3) non-profit corporation that exists to acquire, protect, preserve, and display the grand history of baseball in ways that far exceed the original foundation of the idea that the game was invented in Cooperstown by Abner Doubleday. The place reminds us of 19th century rural America and it is symbolic of baseball building its early small town roots. Include The Pecan Park Eagle among those who contend: “If baseball wasn’t invented in Cooperstown, it should have been!”

The HOF 2015 Yearbook also includes an article on the Astrodome by Jose de Jesus Ortiz of The Houston Chronicle entitled “50 Years of Indoor Games”, published, of course, by another external-to-Houston authoritative source on the importance of our architectural icon to a world much larger than Harris County. – Check it out. Mr. Ortiz did a fine job.

The individual order instructions on the HOF 2015 Yearbook are not immediately available to me this morning, but membership in the Hall will also make it available to you, I’m sure. After all, I got one yesterday. And we never ordered it.

At any rate, HOF membership for fans doesn’t cost much – and it opens the door for pleasant little surprises like the annual yearbook featured here as a benefit, along with other discounts and ongoing information about other special offers from the HOF throughout the year. And it all goes into supporting the institution that supports the accurate and positive memory of baseball.

Although we have been to Cooperstown only once, and never for an induction ceremony weekend, we cannot be there this year for personal reasons that have nothing to do with baseball, but with some considerable regret that.we will not be there to witness Craig Biggio inducted as a Houston Astro. We are assured, however, that the contingent of fans from Houston will be there in full glory appreciation and support of No.#7 and all he has done as a player and citizen of Houston to represent our community in the first-class style that is Craig Biggio.

There is till ample time to make arrangements for your own passage to the big July 24-27 Induction Weekend celebration, but please check out the HOF website on the best ways to contain the expense and arrangements hassle of traveling to Cooperstown for the most popular event on the HOF calendar every year. The upside is – if you make the trip this year – you will always know that you were there among the group of Houston fans who came in support of Craig Biggio at the highlight moment of his baseball life.

Long Live Baseball! Long Live the Hall of Fame! And Long Live the Memory of Craig Biggio, a very special Houstonian!


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