Happy Mother’s Day, But Remember Too

mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day, But Remember Too: All Mothers are not the same. Make sure you know what you’re celebrating – and even more importantly – whether or not you even need to celebrate. Some of the “mothers’ in our lives are more in tune with our reasons for sadness, a sense of burden, or a moment of umpleasurable pain.

Here are a few examples of what we mean. In reality, it’s up to each of us individually to spot on “nail” the major mothers of our lives and to respond accordingly to the feeling state that each specifically one specifically inspires:

1) First, let’s clear the deck on our popular understanding of the term. – If you had a genetic or adoptive mother in your life who raised you to be a good, honest, responsible and loving person, by all means, celebrate that lady today, and every day, to the high heavens. Even if she fell far short of perfection and looms stronger in your memory today as one of the obstacles that stood in the way of you standing up and breathing on your own in 2015, at least, give even that lady credit for doing the best she could and go visit her this Mothers Day, if they allow for visitors in her particular nursing home, psychiatric facility, or criminal detention center.

2) Sometimes a “mother” is a hangover that descends upon us after another heavy night of celebration or mourning. Nothing to celebrate when it comes to this kind of mother. Either wise up and get well or go insane or die. Just try not to take anyone else with you as a drunk or drugged driver. There is a coward’s way out here. That is, when a hangover hits, take another bite of the hair from the animal that bit you. It doesn’t take much to end the pain of withdrawal from alcohol (which is what a hangover is all about) – and it will work quickly in the moment of the short run  – for as long as your liver holds out for another game of “spend the bottle”.

3) Many of us Houston sports fans also have discovered over time that the aggregate baggage weight of being a local fan of the Astros, Oilers/Texans, Rockets, Cougars, Owls,and/ or Tigers is pretty much of  a “mother” load upon one’s mind, body, and soul too. Not much to celebrate there. We just keep waking up with each new coming team season, ruminating on thoughts of  our numerous past painful losses – and shaking out some new versions of the same old question that is always on our minds: “Are we having fun yet?”

4) There are a lot of “mothers’ connected with work. Some of them flow from the “mother weight” of work our bosses give us in relation to the “feather weight” of the rewards we see for ourselves down the road for trying to get ahead by pleasing the boss. “People pleasing” is a mother unto itself and – as you already know – it is not a behavior that is confined to the work area of our lives. Sometimes “people-pleasing” behavior itself is the very ignition button that converts bosses, coworkers, friends, or even spouses into “ungrateful mothers” that a “people pleaser” actually hates to engage. Again – nothing to celebrate here – but a loud awakening call to the need for recovery, if one recognizes the dominance of any feeling that tells them that “I always have to please everyone in my life – whether they ask for my help or not.” This one is probably the crown jewel of all “mothers” we do not celebrate on this special day.

5) A “mother” may also be the driver of a shiny black pick up truck – like the one that cut me off on the freeway yesterday. – Just don’t honk your horn or shake your fist at such a driver. – That kind of  “mother” may have a gun and think nothing of the trouble he may buy for himself by shooting you straight between the eyes before he goes down in a news channel TV car chase “breaking news” report.

6) Albert Pujols is the biggest “mother” in the recent history of Astros baseball. We are pretty sure he hangs on the wall of closer Brad Lidge’s mind also as another of those “mothers” we care not to celebrate.

7) Every person elected to Congress to save our country, but who later leaves office with things in a bigger mess for us, but better for themselves, with benefit entitlements that the rest of us can only dream of having, upon their departures from public service, is a bigger “mother” than just about anyone else I can personally list, so please allow me to summarize it in my next and final entry.

8) Politicians are “mothers”.

Please take over the list-building from here. We all know the generic term. And we all have our own ideas of who and what most deserves the appellation.  Anyone or anything can be the kind of  “mother” we do not ever want to celebrate.

Spend today respecting the mothers who deserve the attention every day that this annual Sunday was designed to honor and remember. – It will be OK to get back to fighting those “bad mothers” on Monday.

Happy Mother’s Day, Everybody!



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