Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn!

"Happy Birthday. Jimmy Wynn! Podnah, a few years down the road, you're going to be askin' for my autograph down there in Houston, a special place to both of us, and I'm gonna give it to you! _ Heck! I oughta be askin' for yours!"  ~ Dizzy Dean, March 12, 1937

“Happy Birthday. Jimmy Wynn! Podnah, a few years down the road, you’re going to be askin’ for my autograph down there in Houston, a special place to both of us, and I’m gonna give it to you! – Heck! I oughta be askin’ for yours!”
~ Dizzy Dean, March 12, 1937


Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn! Before we say more, however, let’s take a brief look at the baseball news that was going on exactly five years prior to the day you were born in Cincinnati.

Seventy-eight years ago today, on March 12, 1937, an AP spring training briefs story by Eddie Brietz for the Amarillo News Globe does much to confirm, that over the passage of time, some things change, but a whole lot of other things pretty much stay the same. In fact, the money holdouts by players back in 1937  just seemed to fulcrum on differences with management over hundreds of dollars for one contract year – versus differences today over millions, multi-years, guaranteed money, and aggregate salaries penalty caps. OK, we concede. It’s a lot different today on the money volume side – and we also know the players have much more leverage today in this era of free agency, but disagreements are still mostly about money valuations on a player’s worth to any club.



(March 3, 1937)

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 12 (AP) – On the way to Daytona Beach to talk things over with the Cards yesterday, Dizzy Dean stopped off at the filling station at Bradenton and in fifteen minutes won $15 pitching quarters with the boys. …. “Looks like I can pick up that $50,000 dollars a year right here at home,” commented Dizzy as he pocketed the dough. …. Loneliest camp in Florida is Detroit’s because of (manager) Mickey Cochrane’s “no wives allowed” edict. … You should have seen the almost bald head of (Reds) General Manager Warren C. Giles after he had celebrated his first day in the Cincinnati camp by sitting in the bleachers throughout the Reds’ first full nine innings practice game.


The Yankees haven’t given up on Lou Gehrig yet. … They recall the last Lou was a hold-out, he and Col. Ruppert (Yankees owner) rode South on the same train. … Not a word has been heard from Joe DiMaggio. …  Baseball men, who can’t imagine a Yankee exhibition tour through the south and southwest without Gehrig to draw the customers, believe Lou will get his $40,000 if he waits long enough, but one and all say Ruppert is just stubborn enough to let DiMaggio sit at home a year before paying (him) the $25,000 he demands.

~ Amarillo News Globe, March 12, 1937, Page 13.


FAST FORWARD FROM 1937 TO 1968 ~ An older DIZZY DEAN  signs n autograph for 26 year old JIMMY WYNN of the Astros. Wish Jimmy Happy Birthday! He turned 73 today, March 12, 2015!

An older DIZZY DEAN, at the Dome for an Oldtimers Game,  signs an autograph for 26 year old JIMMY WYNN of the Houston Astros.
Wish Jimmy Happy Birthday! He turned 73 today, March 12, 2015!



Jimmy Wynn has given of himself to this community in the right spirit ever since his arrival in Houston 52 years ago. Please leave a public comment wishing Jimmy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY here at this column space – and also drop him an e-mail birthday wish today at the following e-mail address: toycannon24@msn.com


Great Player! Great Man! Great Story!

Great Player!
Great Man!
Great Story!


Not just “by the way”, if you never acquired your copy of Jimmy Wynn’s wonderful life story, “Toy Cannon”, or if you would like to own or purchase a gift copy, signed by the man himself, personally to you or another, now is time to fill that void in your library.

“Toy Cannon” is available for $30.00, plus sales tax and shipping from Amazon.Com, but Jimmy and I have a much better offer.

Jimmy Wynn and I still have less than 80 copies of the book that we wrote in 2010 that we are now selling directly for $30.00 – a complete price that includes the full cost of the book, sales tax, and book rate shipping – PLUSJimmy Wynn will also autograph it to whomever you wish to designate for that special honor by written instruction. Amazon cannot provide autographed fresh copies at a discounted rate. We can. For a short while.

If you are interested, feel free to submit multiple orders in one envelope for the same rate times however many copies you order. We  have not been very aggressive in selling away our personal copies until now, but we do not expect our small supply to last for  long at this discounted rate – especially with Jimmy Wynn’s personal signature attached to each treasured copy.

If you are interested, send $30.00 total for each autographed copy of “Toy Cannon”, with payment by check or money order. Endorse payment to “Bill McCurdy” and include a clear return mailing address and any special written instructions on how you wish Jimmy to sign the book for you. If no instructions are included, Jimmy will simply sign his name in the appropriate place on the interior title page.

Please: Send no cash payments!

Mail your check and any signage instructions for each book you order to:

Bill McCurdy, Publisher

Pecan Park Eagle Press

P.O. Box 940871

Houston, TX 77094-7871


Regards, Godspeed, and Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn!


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn!”

  1. Marsha Franty Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy! I hope the coming year brings you health and happiness! See you at the ballpark!

  2. shinerbock80 Says:

    Yes, indeed. A very Happy and Healthy Birthday to Jimmy.

  3. Mark W. Says:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!

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