Former Astro Brett Myers Now a C&W Singer

Brett Myers Former Houston Astro Brand New C&W Singer

Brett Myers
Former Houston Astro
Brand New C&W Singer

If you drink alcohol long enough, and hard enough, sooner or later, you end up in one of five places: (1) the insane asylum; (2) jail; (3) the cemetery; (4) Alcoholics Anonymous; or (5) finally trying to make it big in that Country and Music career that you always thought in your wildest dreams that you could have.

Now, to be totally honest about it, The Pecan Park Eagle doesn’t know diddly about former Houston Astro pitcher Brett Myer’s drinking habits, but we did just learn from media veteran and good friend Greg Lucas that the 34 year-old Myers has now launched a new post-baseball career as a C&W singer, as all of us can now sample for ourselves at his new website:

Brett has a nice whiskey-husky voice that he brings to this new task – and Brett, or somebody with him, plays a pretty mean guitar as his talent back up. I give him an A for even trying. The world is an oyster, all right, but only for those who are willing to try new things – and Brett Myers suffers no shortage of the courage it takes to keep the door open on new possibilities. Moving from the big league stage to the Country and Western music circuit seems to me like a bigger challenge than becoming a bullpen or pitching coach in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for example.

How about his music? It’s probably too soon to tell, but his first big number comes off pretty well for the genre.

Brett’s first big offering apparently flows from his longtime love of beer. Its called “Kegerator” – and any of us can hear it for free at his website. I just heard it for the first time about twenty minutes ago and its the reason I’m now inspired to write one more short pre-Christmas Day Break piece about the man and his music – and the potential that now exists before Brett Meyers to write songs about painful cowboy-cowgirl relationships that are described, aided, or abetted by our rich baseball lingo as future song titles or hurting-bad themes.

A few themes feed directly off pitch types. I’ll try to describe those here and let it go from there as our Christmas gifts to the old pitcher.


Baseball Theme Hurting-Bad-Songs About Cowboy-Cowgirl Love

1) Fast Ball Fever, Falling Out Fast. For cowboys who have to hit the bars to find their true love before the sun comes up on tomorrow, the ride is rougher than a ten second trip through the sky off the back of the meanest bull at the rodeo.

2) The Change of Pace. This type of cowboy lover thinks that drinking faster will help him find true love quicker. What kind of bad hurting blues could possibly come from that kind of thinking?

3) A Curve Ball Cave In. For drunk cowboys who think they are slipping a few lies past a lady when they can’t even keep all the letters in a single sentence separated as different words as they try to speak.

4) The Screw Ball Screw Up. There was a young cowboy from Denton, who loved a sweet girl down in Sinton. But he couldn’t resist, all the girls that he kissed, so he’s still stuck in Denton, not Sinton.

5) The Pitching Machine Cowboy Blues. The daring young man on the pitching machine, he worked through three wives, ’cause they all were so mean. He never let go, til another one came, and each time he did, his old wife was to blame.


Merry Christmas again, Everybody! And this time, we really mean it when we say – God Willing – that we’ll be back on Friday!

Good Luck, Brett Myers!

Good Luck, Brett Myers!



One Response to “Former Astro Brett Myers Now a C&W Singer”

  1. Bob Hulsey Says:

    How about a country song called “I Lost You on the 3-2 Count of Life”?

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