Buff Biographies: Gerry Burmeister

Excerpt from "Your 1948 Houston Buffs, Dixie Champions: Brief Biographies By Morris Frank and Adie Marks (1948).

Excerpt from “Your 1948 Houston Buffs, Dixie Champions: Brief Biographies By Morris Frank and Adie Marks (1948).

Gerry Burmeister (BR/TR) (6’2″, 210 lbs,) was almost everything we always used to think a catcher should be. He was a good career hitter for average, as his .275 BA over 13 seasons (1937-44, 1946-50) showed, but his 66 HR over the long all-minor league haul also revealed his lack of power. He was slow afoot, but his strong throwing arm and mature leadership on defense guided both the Buff pitchers and field defense over the course of 5 seasons (1941, 1946-49) in the Bayou City. Burmeister played one more season after he left Houston and moved up to AAA Syracuse in the Cincinnati farm system after being dealt away by the Cardinals, and that was it. At age 32,  he retired and went back to his now permanent married life home in Houston as just one more pretty fair ballplayer of the reserve clause era. In spite of what it says in the Frank/Marks 1948 sketch above,  Gerry never got that proverbial cup of java in a big league game for so much as even a modest Moonlight Graham or Buddy Hancken one-inning in the field with no trips to the plate major league appearance. It simply didn’t happen.

Burmeister’s signature career stop was with the Houston Buffs, and Gerry’s ‘s best season as a Buff was 1948, when he hit .267 with 8 HR. Gerry did get into 93 games for the 1947 Dixie Series Champion Buffs, but he batted only .210 with a single homer that big team year.

Gerry Burmeister died about 20-25 years ago, but I am unable to confirm his specific date of death at this writing. He’s not showing up in the vital statistics records on-line for Harris County, Texas and I have no data of him passing away elsewhere. If any of you Ancestry.Com whiz kids know how to get it, please post the DOD as a comment on this article. For whatever help it may be, Gerald William Burmeister was born on August 11, 1917 in Harmony, Minnesota and I’m fairly sure he died in the Greater Houston area.

Baseball Reference.Com also mistakenly lists Burmeister as still alive at age 95:


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2 Responses to “Buff Biographies: Gerry Burmeister”

  1. Bill Hickman Says:

    As you indicated, Burmeister didn’t get to enjoy a cup of coffee, but he did get to sniff the aroma. He was on the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring roster in 1943, 1944, and 1946.

  2. wilson Brown. Says:

    I knew him after he retired. He managed Harrisburg bowling lanes when I knew him. He seemed like a great guy with a very loving family.

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